Wanted-Bike in Chiang Mai about 250cc enduro


Aug 14, 2005
We have been able to get one bike and are having a hard time finding a second one. If anyone knows of any for sale or can recommend anywhere, that would be very helpful. We have seen several for sale but they all of course have no plates. The bike needs to have plates! Its ok if its around 10 years old, it doesn't need to be pretty, just good mechanics. I thought i found a list before of a few shops here that sell big bikes but i cant find it now.
Thanks, Blake
Nov 1, 2004
Hi I have my Honda XL600 for sale, with plate and green rego book, I have taken it to Laos 3 times, it is in very good mechanical condition. Just the plastics have some cracks. Dont know the year as Thai rego does not show it, but it was 1st rego'ed in Thailand in 1991. But I am not in a main tourist area, I am in Sakon Nakhon, about 160k's east of Udon where I am working. I have had the bike for nearly 2 years, have replaced both tyres, a new battery, and front brake pads. Regularly change the oil, and has never been in an accident. It has the steel tank covering just over 400 k's per fill, and double very powerfull headlights. I have pix if you want to see, you can email me at
[email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
Mar 19, 2004
Have AX-1 Honda 250 ccm for sale - dark blue - about 10yrs old - always serviced with joe and tom in ch.mai - with chiang rai registration for sale. I live in Chiang Saen. Asking about 30'000 baht ono.
interested ? call 053 777 492 or handy 06'186 42 85 peter "the swiss".