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    Hi, friends! I'm new here... Just arrived 2 days ago on this thread... and impressed! Yes: good infos, some fun and right "writers"...
    OK, this subject (same Chinosnake) because -eh!- looking for a bike!.. And I suppose same mind: one good big bike. Because, coming from France, I used to ride such bikes.
    I left under cover my BMW 90R "for-the-life" (miss is 30 y.o. but as charming and performing as the first day!) in friend's garge there... And through the years, I've ride a lot of different 1, 2, 3 and 4 cylinders, and think I've loved them all, but some better than other ones (I remember one certain Triump Trident of the 70's, wow!..).
    And well, I've been living here in Chiang Mai since one year now, and hope to stay... till I die [:D]. So, I've thought to import my BMW, but not easy and expensive... On the other hand, buying a bike here, I can sell it in the future if going back, and have some money back...
    All this intro to say that I've appreciated all the posts regarding the "WANTED" of Chinosnake! Why a "big bike" to go in and around (even a little far away of) Chiang Mai?.. And, just before joining the thread, my heart was swaying between one XLR 250 (9 y.o., 28000 km, body and engine a little strained, 45,000 Baths with green book, plate and so on OK) and one CB 400 (9 y.o., 82,000 km, engine changed with a used one (?), strained body, 65,000 Baths with green book, plate and so on OK)...
    And as I'm an adept of DIY, for some thousands Baths more, the XLR 250 can make a pretty "run around" bike (I'm not a dirty guy!..) with a 18" front wheel, road tyres... and a spray! Same thing for the ugly CB 400... some thousands more and this "eurk!" pumpkin turns into a "wow!" horse-drawn!
    Furthermore, in another post, somebody says: let you drive by your heart! And I think it's right. Sometimes too much reason makes the heart die... and the reason turning sick!

    Eventualy, if somebody here sells something a little old and "used", not "SOOOOO BIG", under 100,000 Baths, on Chiang Mai... and legal!, may be I can consider [;)] ...

    Thanks to all, coming back soon I suppose,
    and good luck to Chinosnake!

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  3. gobs

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    I've got it!
    A pretty nice Honda CB1 400, good condition, 1989, 33,000 km (?), fully legal (plate and papers), the shop does the transfer (but I pay the fee...), 65,000 Baths... It seems sound and run good... but I'm not inside [:I]

    I found it at Piston Shop. The owner, Watit, attends very well, speaks english and I think is a good guy... My first impression is that's a shop to recommend, but very little parts and accessories. Watit can speak hours and hours about bikes. And with every body: I see him gently speaking during a long time with some students of high school looking and eyes flashing around one of his bikes!

    I found adress and location in the tip "Handy Mc related shops" on your site. So thank's a lot.

    So I've tips for 2 bikes for sale, here in Chiang Mai. Maybe better I post further here...


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