Wanted: CBR600RR

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  1. Looking for a CBR600RR in good shape and preferably 2007 or later. Must have green book. Must not be black. Please send photo, price, condition, mileage, and whether restricted or not. Thanks.
  2. Just a quick one.

    I noticed a bike although only as I was passing, think it was a Honda Fireblade though,(not sure of the size) you may want to check it out.

    Was on that small shop on the left as your going from the Airport to the moat, I suppose it is about half way up between the two.

    Did not stop, I just saw it on the way past. (Have heard they are pricey in there though.)
  3. Interesting, I will check that out. Thanks!
  4. It's an old Fireblade, not exactly mint condition either. Didn't bother to ask the price... But thanks anyway :)
  5. Check with Nat at the Piston Shop.
    Sorry don't have his shop details but they are available somewhere on this site.
    He's the most reputable Thai shop in CM imo who can find & plate bikes
    with prices that are fair & reasonable within the context of the Thai bike market.
  6. I appreciate that. Actually I'm already in contact with Nat and he is trying to source a 2007 CBR600RR for me but not sure whether it will be possible. Nat has a nice CBR1000RR from 2004 in great condition with choice modifications for 350,000 but I don't want a liter bike at this time. I agree Nat is a great guy and has a great shop, best place in CM for sportbikes and superbikes IMO.

    Anyway, still looking!
  7. The white one looks good. Guess I'll give the man a call. Thanks for the tip :thumbup:

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