Wanted - Chopper Style bike 400cc?

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  1. iang

    iang New Member

    Hi, I haven't ridden a bike for 30 years, but my 2nd childhood & the fact my son's just got a brand new Harley Davidson Electroglide is tempting me to start again! But I don't want anything too powerful to start with as will need to break myself back in gently, without breaking any bones in the process!Needs to be easy to ride & comfortable, so sports bikes are out of question - would cramp up in under 60 seconds! Nothing too small either as someone of my size on a Honda Phanteom would look ridiculous!

    Am in the Chiang Mai area & would be happy to look at anything upto or around the Baht 100,000 figure for something presentable & reliable.

    email [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] with pics please.
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  3. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Joe's Bike Team has a Virago 535 for sale, not sure of the price though, you can always email Pikey for details
  4. rich1968

    rich1968 Ol'Timer

    You would be better looking at the Honda Steed as it puts the plastic Phantom to shame.Comes as a 400cc and 600cc plenty of them knocking about, so lots of spare parts as well. A price of around 80,000 upwards should get you quite a good one.
  5. iang

    iang New Member

    Thanks guys - any & all constructive advice like this is most gratefully accepted. Also, does anyone know if there's anywhere in Chiang Mai I can get myself some riding lessons too? Just to help me get back in the saddle after so many years & minimise the threat to both me and other road users!?
  6. globalgypsy

    globalgypsy Ol'Timer

    I seen a 400 Honda Steed for sale for 50000 Baht in Chiang Rai. Beautiful shape, chopper style.
    One of the guys in Black Rabbit MC is selling it. His name is Boem and he owns the import car repair shop there. Here is a link to my website, where I put his info...

    Probably invoice only as most of the bikes he sells are. I bought my harley from him invoice only as well. He's a really good guy to deal with and I find prices in Chiang Rai cheaper than in Chiang Mai, both for buying and repairs
  7. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    If you was down in Pattaya you could check this bike out that is/was being sold by the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. It's a 400 and must be a Steed I'd guess. The thought did cross my mind to buy it and keep it in the hospital colours so I could speed around town and hopefully not get stopped, but not much chance of speeding on a 400 Steed as they couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding.


  8. XXX

    XXX Member

    i saw kawazaki vulcan 400 cc the year 2000 in good condition for sale in Chiangmai
    call this number for more detail 085-0402900
  9. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    HONDA STEED is a good buy as loads of spares available and plenty of bikes to choose from.

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