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  1. I currently use my phone for GPS / Satnav and I want to free that up.

    Does anyone have a Garmin 220, 350, 550 or eTrex to sell me, just so I can spend a while playing / finding limitations / see what I really need from a GPS. etc before I splash out on the latest bit of sparkling kit.

    I don't know, just putting it out there, we all have crap lying around that we never use, maybe its upgrade time for you ?
  2. Hi my name Dad. Have a 550 that the screen gave up working. Had fixed & a few months later the thing went on strike, at same time decided after turning 71
    & still riding @ 160-200kph every time , I sold the bike & now a mazda 2
    Tb 1000 for 550 with post. 0857742428
  3. I dont understand, you want to sell me a 550 that had a broken screen and now doesnt work at all for 1000 THB ?

    Maybe I should give you a call.
  4. the gps has a technical problem. just fix & ride. all that came in box is still there. Australian map + se Asia map/. the computer tec I used to install new screen
    said he needed the book with circuit to go any further. The TB1000.00 goes to g-t rider as donation... Give a call but I know nil about electronics.
  5. Ahh .. I see .. Well, thats very honourable of you.

    I really don't need any more projects - I'm waiting on deliveries / looking about for stuff for the bike. I need to put in the accessory circuit, and thats a struggle to find the tools and the time.

    Put it in a separate thread .. maybe someone will be interested.

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