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Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Motorcycles - Thailand' started by 8yenkk, May 14, 2011.

  1. 8yenkk

    8yenkk New Member

    I am looking for a Harley Davidson bike (my first).

    I am living in Khon Kaen and have tried the Harley Davidson Silver Star bike shop but it doesn't look like they actually have any bike that I like. Every time they call me to say they have something but when i want to buy it there is some excuse that the bike is broken or not available. They are just 'in between' persons so I am looking for someone or a shop that is really owning the bike so I can buy it directly.

    I prefer a V-Rod Muscle (in black) or a Night Rod Special. Other offers will be considered though. Please post here or pm me if you have an offer. I am willing to travel for it, but not as far as Phuket or Pattaya. I prefer a newer bike.
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  3. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Hell of a Bike to Start with??? Anyway Power Station Harley Davidson the Authorised Harley Dealer for Thailand have a Agent in Khon Kaen. They have a New Showroom and Workshop I don't have the Details but if You contact Powerstation direct they can probably Help You? Check here: http://www.harley-davidsonbangkok.com/ John Gooding will possibly Reply to You as He knows the KK owner very well? Good Luck.
  4. 8yenkk

    8yenkk New Member

    Thanks for the reply Ian. Unfortunately the shop you mention in Khon Kaen hasn't been able to offer me a bike. They are only talking until now and not being able to deliver the bike when they offer it.
  5. ronwebb

    ronwebb Ol'Timer

    May be wait a little bit for Ian to sell his Harley which has yet to be delivered. I know he really wants a Triumph Scrambler.
  6. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    The Silver Star shop in Khon Kaen has only been open a short time. They can order any new Harley models via the Bangkok dealership and probably give you a reasonable discount. They bikes they have in the shop are mainly second hand bikes they are selling on behalf of current owners. They just do not have the capital outlay to fill the shop with new or second hand bikes that may be very slow to sell, especially as most people, such as yourself are very particular about what they are looking for. I am sure if they hear of something that meets your requirements, they will give you a call.
  7. Not on a Yamaha

    Not on a Yamaha Ol'Timer

  8. 8yenkk

    8yenkk New Member

    I have tried already. Even paid the down payment of a bike I had only seen on photos. The bike didn't arrive in Khon Kaen and I got my money back. They are very reasonable people but I have lost confidence that they can do what they say.

    I might import one from the USA if it is that difficult to get one in Thailand...
  9. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi Friends,

    And a special thanks to "Not on a Yamaha" for his link http://hd-playground.com/smf/index.p...99a5&board=3.0, I went on it and discovered a wide choice of wonderfull bikes that I never imagine I could find in LOS, very attractive prices but THE big problem is that most of the bikes are direct import without legal paper to ride in Thailand (no Green Book).

    Some bikes are private own ones some bikes are from garages where we can find as well a very large choice of other second hand and brand new bikes but again with no documents other than an invoice.

    Personnally, I wonder about the risk for us -Foreigners- to ride on such bike and to be controled by MIB, not sure of the result and prefer and advise not to risk.

    This web site being in Thai (even with a foreigner section) and not understanding Thai writing, I will keep a conditional form to express on the issue but I think that the one who wants to buy such bikes and be quite, will have to pay taxes and Green Book paper work that could be a significative amount on top of the price.

    Thus this makes the price less attractive; at least for us.

    However I discover as well some bikes plated and this might be a chance, depending on the kind of Greeen Book it is plated with ...Does some "old foxes" from the forum would have some opinion on that ?
  10. Mc Ambros

    Mc Ambros Member

    europero are living in koh samui travel Harle for over 30 years. Looking for buy here in Thailand as import my bike from Europe have many problems dicosti Harley second hand.
    Model Eritage Softail model with carburetor 1996 = 2000
    Sprimger or if not possible always to carburetor 883 1200 e. Who can help me,


    Mc Ambros / mail: [email protected]
  11. Mc Ambros

    Mc Ambros Member

    I'm looking for second-hand Harley Springer Hrutage or carburetor. I am European living in koh samui.
    email. [email protected]

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