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  1. I'm looking for second-hand Harley Springer Hrutage or carburetor. I am European living in koh samui.
    email. [email protected]
  2. So who helps me find at Harley Heritage Softail A CARBURETOR [email protected] live in koh samui
  3. www.mocyc.com could help you but you need a Thai person for translation.
  4. McAmbros, there are several sites to have a look: Bahtsold, mocyc (as NickyBKK mentioned), thaisecondhand all (ad) dot com.
    Just search the Northern forum and contact Richie at Richco's, he might be able to help as he is the local dealer for HD up here. Should find this information under a thread: Motorbike shops in Northern Thailand. Good luck with your search. Rgds, Franz
  5. there are 5+ shops in pattaya stocking HDs at least 5 in BKK , so plenty of choice

    in pattaya main shops are

    iron Horse, duck sq
    chatri road machine 3rd road
    Hot rod pratumnak
    eastern custom thappaya road
    brotherhood in duck sq

    IN BKK

    siam speedway petchaburi road
    power station of ram intra
    big D bikes
    2 more big shops in RCA avenue off rama 9

    there are many more and also lots of private sales in Pattaya

    at least 150 hds for sale at any time

    also big hd shops in Udon thai ,and aother places
  6. Hi Friends,

    Just pay a visit to this web site specialized in Harleys in Thailand (of course in Thai)...


    Have fun, you'll see a big diffrence with "farang shops"...

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