Wanted: headlamp Suzuki 250 Djebel

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  1. I need the headlamp and hardware for a Suzuki 250 Djebel.

    I've been to TP-Teera Motorcycles...they gave me the lamp and hardware for a 200cc Djebel. Doesn't fit....and I don't want the smaller 200cc Djebel light. They said they will look elsewhere for the original (large) headlamp and mounting hardware.

    Not knowing if they can supply it....I would like to know if any
    others may know of one available.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Quite a few Djebels in Cambodia, a riding buddy bought the large Djebel headlight for his Honda in P.P. He had a 35w headlight and it is much improved running in the bigger reflector.
  3. Yep, there are a few, but no where near as common as the varous Honda 250's. Also, much easier to get parts for the Honda's than Suzuki's.
    I'd contacted both local friends and the Cambo bike dealers that have websites (unfortunately Vay's shop doesn't have a site) and none could help finding the correct Djebel headlamp.

    Today, Teera Motorcycles told me today that they will have the correct lamp & hardware for me next week. It's costing somewhat dearly...but at least the bike will now be complete...and easier to sell at some point in the distant future.

    I once crashed at night on a Honda Degree while in the Cambo boonies...a lousy headlight and I couldn't see the cracked board on the bridge. Fortunately the gal passenger just suffered scratches, compared to my bleeding gashes and a minor fracture of the tibia. What suprised me was that my IBM laptop, carried in a backpack, was unscathed. It was a good lesson on the need of having excellent lighting!

    I got the Dejebel as I've ridden them before and can't afford the more expensive Baja's (with their great twin headlights).
  4. Why not shoehorn a Baja twin headlight set onto the Djebel !
  5. A decent option, thx for the suggestion. But no need as Teera M/C came through with a complete 250 Djebel headlight and rear rack.
    Now having a shop check over all the bikes mechanics, add dual tires,
    and then some test rides before heading to Cambo next month.

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