Wanted -hepco & Becker Rear Pannier Boxes & Rack

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  1. Hi All
    Im looking to buy 2nd hand Hepco & Becker Rear Pannier boxes & Rack 30-45 litre
    I already have a Hepco top box
    I'm located in Samui
  2. Fo
    Does it matter what bike or any will fit?
  3. Hi,
    I have a Honda 500X, it is my understanding that it doesn't matter what bike , but I will find out more from Hepco manufactures. Do you have a panniers and rack for sale ? which bike do you have them fitted to ?
  4. I don't have any for sale but thought it might be important to know what bike the racks are supposed to fit.
  5. Hi Coolchang,

    i got two HB boxes, i will make pictures tonight and send to you.

    As i am every 2 Weeks in Samui (next week also), i could bring them with me!

  6. Hi Coolchang,

    sorry for the late sending, here are the picture:

    these are the 35Liter
    Originalprice for one is arround 15,000 THB - i would sell both for 14,000 THB and can bring them to Samui on the 7th or 21st of Feb.

    DSC_2112.JPG DSC_2113.JPG DSC_2114.JPG DSC_2115.JPG DSC_2116.JPG DSC_2117.JPG DSC_2118.JPG DSC_2119.JPG DSC_2120.JPG DSC_2123.JPG DSC_2124.JPG

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