Wanted Honda CBR250R in Chiang Mai area

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  1. Wanted a Honda CBR250R in good condition any colour with low km....I can travel outside of Chiang Mai for the right bike at a good price

    please PM me or call 0868425633 if u have one to sell...thanks
  2. come on guys there must be one sitting in the garage somewhere not being used
  3. its all in thai and i wish to purchase from a farang whose looked after the bike and changed the oil when the book say so
  4. Imagine that- ads in Thai in Thailand?! ;)

    Not too many farang have bought this bike... Most who have have already sold it. There were a few sold on ThaiVisa classifieds a while back from farang owners who either weren't happy with the CB'r' 250 or quickly outgrew them and moved up to bigger bikes.

    In any case, these Honda CB'r's are nearly new and I don't see any reason why you think a farang would take better care of a new Honda than a Thai. But if it's such a big concern, why don't you just buy a new one?
  5. Tony bkk

    ok smart @ss thanks for your input

    i spoke to a thai guy i know at the gym who bought one a couple of months ago and when i asked him about the oil changes he said the book just tells lies and he hadnt bothered to change it and done 3000km

    when u buy from a farang u can look into his eye and gauge whether hes telling u porky pies as u have a common language and outlook

    there are several for sale in bkk and pattaya with less than 5km for around 85k which is a big saving on the 115k price the shops are asking

    looks like i may have to take a trip south if nothing materialises soon
  6. thanks mbox but the one in CM has done 17000km and the guy has just put some new racing tyres on it which says to me its probably been thrashed to within an inch of its life and he wants 85k for it

    i want one with 5000km or less thats unmarked for that price

    like i said in a previous post there are several for sale in the bkk/pattaya area but i was hoping to get one in CM but it looks like i will have to travel to get what i am looking for
  7. yes, travelling will give you more choices. ...not sure if i would automatically think that racing tires means that the bike has been raced - i mean we dont even know what exact tires he put, pirelli supercorsa?.... i think 85k thb is a pretty good price for the bike having done only 17700km.....the other one in red has even done less.
  8. i meant that the guy has been thrashing it out on the road not the track.......the red one with 5k on the clock is a much better buy but unfortunatly its in bkk
  9. unless you have known the prior owner i think it is difficult to say if the one trashed the bike on the road or not....maybe he just wanted better tires than the stock irc roadwinners which are said to be ok but not good on rain. i think the conclusions of just because someone gives better tires on his bikes means he is trashing it on the road is a bit far fetched.
    yeah the other one is in bkk, you are in cm....busses leave daily to bkk for a few hundred baht or shipping the bike from bkk to cm can be done for about 1500-2000 thb. .. or take bus down transfer to your name and drive it back yourself. either way good luck on your new cbr250.
  10. thanks mbox
  11. Thanks. That made my morning! :))

    Actually, that notion is a common-place cognitive error. There's no scientific evidence to suggest that people are good at detecting lies. The opposite is true. That said, you are more likely to come across a more educated person, who understands why it's a good idea to, for example, change the oil on a motorcycle regularly, in Europe or North America. Simply, the standard of education is higher in those places. But, given you can't tell if the seller is lying, and a higher education is positively correlated with effective deception, how can you tell if the bike's oil has been changed regularly? ;-) The answer is simple - service book stamps.

    BTW, if you don't feel like riding BKK to CM, you can "post" bikes from Post Office to Post Office in Thailand, as one of the previous posters alluded. All you will need is some bubble wrap & cardboard to protect the fairings (& masking tape), spanners/hex keys to remove/turn-in the mirrors, and a container into which to drain the fuel tank. I posted a bike from Kon Kaen to Chiang Mai without problem.
  12. i would still like to purchase a low km bike in CM or nearby......i am still suffering from a dodgy leg from a m/c accident last years so having to travel and organise the posting back of the bike to CM is something that i wish to avoid if possible..............there must be dozens of these bikes gathering dust in CM.....i am waiting for a call and have the cash to buy
  13. still looking....i have had a couple of offers but the sellers have been suffering from that well known disease in Thailand where u buy a vehicle keep it for a year run up the km and still think its worth 5000 baht less than u paid for it originally

    the going rate for a 1 year old bike with 5000km non ABS is 85K baht
  14. At this rate you might find one just in time for the rainy season... ;)
  15. I think it would be better to prepare to travel or let the bike be shipped from seller. A look on Bahtsold revealed that 2 of the cbr's are for sale at the price ( one a bit higher but i would suggest a bit of negotiating) . Waiting at home and expecting a perfect bike to fall on your head will take you longer.

    one for 80k thb: http://www.bahtsold.com/en/view/honda-cbr250r-98766?doqs=1
    one offered for 89k thb: http://www.bahtsold.com/en/view/honda-cbr-250-r-98649?doqs=1

    and here is one with abs and low kms at chiang Rai saddlebags ( no price stated) : http://crsaddlebags.com/customerofferings.html
  16. I saw the bike at CR Saddlebags yesterday. The bike is in awesome condition. I think the sign read 120K baht. Worophat and Marty are great people and easy to deal with.
    They are members of this site or you can reach them at http://www.crsaddlebags.com/contact.html
  17. The one at Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear is priced at 111,000 baht. Nice bike, like new. The owner is selling because he decided he needed a 750 cc to keep up with his friends on bigger bikes. About one third way down this page- http://crsaddlebags.com/customerofferings.html
  18. have sent reply direct to your website
  19. still looking for a sutaible bike at a fair price
  20. The red CBR250R at Chiang Rai Saddlebags has sold.
  21. glad u sold it even though it was overpriced

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