Wanted: Honda CRF 250X?

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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking to travel around Thailand in November, and want to buy a bike to do it on, I'll be bringing the bike back to Koh Tao afterwards so nothing to big as it'll be useless for the island. Preferably a Honda CRF 250X not an L they're to heavy and to slow, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. Don't know where you are. Are you in Koh Tao or just heading there at the end of your ride? One Honda shop in Chiang Rai has 7 of them lined up out front. I suspect all of the Honda shops in Chiang Rai have them but I haven't been around to all the others.
  3. That would be the CRF250L lined up in Chiang Rai. The CRF250X is the Enduro Version! Tobin I would recommend You just Bite the Bullet and Buy one of the CRF250L. While there are a lot of "R" Versions available (motocross) The X Model is very Rare in Thailand and I doubt any will be Registered, meaning No Green Book and Plate. This will make any Travel pretty much impossible?
    While not that Powerful the "L" Version is Cheap, Reliable, Legal and Parts are easier to find throughout Thailand! Good Luck.
  4. Thanks Ian. I didn't really pay attention when I saw them; just noticed them lined up on the sidewalk in front and thought 'CRF's".
  5. Hi Tobin,
    I agree with what Ian has said. The CRF250X really is designed for racing and not ideal for touring at all (that is even if you can find a registered one). The difference in performance on the tracks/roads on Koh Tao would be negligible unless you are a professional grade rider who wants to go balls out everywhere. I bought a new CRF250L in May and am happy with its on & off road performance (its the smallest engined enduro style bike ive ever owned). Cheap/ reliable (so far)/ Comfortable and fun. If you want a few more horses you can always add a lovely sounding Akrapovic exhaust or just change your sprockets gearing for some more island torque. A friend of mine is an ex motocross champion and when he returned from his ride on my bike he had a big grin on his face & enjoyed the ride, so they cant be that bad. Whatever you choose i hope you enjoy.
    Have you any plans where your going on your trip? I might be riding to 3 Pagodas pass (from Pattaya) then returning to Kanchanaburi for 11th November rememberance ceremony (in a group) then splitting off on my own to head up to Chiang mai where i plan to do about 10 days touring before returning to Pattaya. Its always good to have company so if your plans are in anyway close to mine let me know.
    Best of luck.
  6. MCN did a review recently on the CRF250L

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