Wanted Honda Gold wing

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  1. G'Day lads

    is there any GW 1800 on the market?
    im out of wheels now and seems like the guy in BKK could not deliver bike to me, so im out of wheels now,,,
  2. No but one can buy those large scooters, similar concept just the engine is a bit smaller. Are there an GW in Thailand?
  3. Han's the Bike Painter here in Chiang Mai i am told has Just Brought one although i have not seen it. So there must be some around. If you are looking for a Behemoth Tourer Have you considered Harley Davidson??? They had Their Top of the Line Brand New ones here at the Harley Opening this weekend with the Full Works for 1.550.000 Baht which is not bad??? If you go around the Shops in Pattaya selling second hand a Fat Boy can cost up to that??? I was pleasantly surprised as all the New Harleys were Cheaper than the Second Hand equivalent in Pattaya. Shows how they have been Fleecing everyone for so long!!!
    Cheers Ian.
  4. check out: www.ridethailand.com, they have a board for 2nd hand bikes on sale, Harley's-BMW's-Honda's and the like, cheers Franz
  5. Hi Friends,

    Again, please visit RED BARON, I saw few mint conditions Gold Wing, directly imported from Japan.

    I saw these bikes when RED BARON just received it in Bangkok, in parts and I saw the very professional and skilled re-assemby work they made.

    When you combine, quality of RED BARON work plus the genuine mint condition of the bike from Japan (you know how carefull Japanese are with bikes) you obtain a woderfull Gold Wing with a price around 1.350.000 TBH.

    For those who like it, a wonderfull cruising bike
  6. Lads

    Just interesting comparison, red baron has been selling GW's (Outstanding white color bike) in nice 1.3M price tag and in the thai web page few weeks ago,, same or similar bike was 999.000THB in mocyc page, all written in thai.Any one else noticed this kind of price difference?
  7. Hi Marco,

    Interesting and pertinent remark, check all if possible because it might be some differences explaning the price difference.

    Bikes at Red Baron allways come with book, a small guarantee (the last I bought was 3 month, which is short according to those we are use to in Europe, but at least existing) and a perfect service.

    I agree this do not explain a 30 % diffrence in price but it should not be the only reason, if you could check and come back...
  8. If you are near Udon Thani Big Cycle had one in there when I was in a couple of weeks ago, don't know any details, year, price Km etc. But could send him an email, check out his webpage sorry I don't know the address. He also had an R series BMW that looked quite nice.
  9. tubber,, not close,, abt 500km away,,
  10. Got really interesting mail from Red Baron today,,,NOW they are saying that IF one import bike by them self’s to Thailand that one cant be registered in Thailand,,,even they agree to assembling GW if i import that to LOS,,,cost of 15.000Thb and guarantee 1month covering ONLY failures what has been caused in the assembling process
  11. Hi Marco,

    I never tried this with RED BARON, but I am sure we can trust them. Of course, they are not the cheaper but may the most reliable and trustable. You will have your book, they have their admin specialist who comes at the shop, every week to check and complete the paper work. It's done perfectly.

    On their assembly capability, I have no doubt their mechanics are trained in Japan, by Japanese for Japanese bikes, mainly.

    They have a Dynojet tuning station...

    Could you PM or publish a copy of their mail, I am a bit curious about what they say as if it's really the case I would be interested to do it through them and avoid headhacke. Thanks by advance.

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