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  1. I'm in the market for a low mileage, good condition Honda VTR 250, with green book only. What are the chances to find one and what would I have to pay? Your educated guess is appreciated. Thanks! - Klaus
  2. Did a 400km roundtrip up to Hua Hin on my little CBR150R today to check the situation in the "big city". There's one big bike shop, "CP Bike Shop", which had a few 400 Fours sitting around, a 250/4 Hornet, a 1000cc Suzuki V-Storm (or some silly name), a sexy old SR 400 with a Supertrapp system, some big cruisers and a very nice looking white Honda SP 1000 I took some pictures of. The shop owner said I can "order" a bike, he has a direct connection to Japan, but a VTR 250 could take up to one month to locate. A deposit of 10000 baht is mandatory (I can understand that - to see if I'm for real) which can be returned anytime if I'm bailing out or if it's too difficult to find one. Above bike with green book, year 2000 or newer, would be 120000 baht, depending on condition. So I "ordered" one. Let's see what'll happen.

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