Wanted - Kawasaki D-Tracker 250

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by mickba, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. mickba

    mickba Active Member

    Up to 2 years old in good condition with reasonable mileage - preferably Green
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  3. Steve Merchant

    Steve Merchant Ol'Timer

    Mine is just coming up 2 years old, black color, 18,000ks on the clock, up in Chiang Mai. Interested? |What price are you offering?
  4. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    Loads on the Thai language forums.. Tho buying can be complicated as most are on credit.

    Stunning one in Lampang thats tempting me.
  5. Steve Merchant

    Steve Merchant Ol'Timer

    I have plenty of time tonight, can post a sensible message. I wasn't certain about selling my D Tracker but its getting more sure I will. No job, no income so can't afford proper insurance. One nasty accident and I can't afford the repairs so its best sold off. I bought the bike from Kawasaki, C Mai, after a Swiss guy had returned it after a couple of weeks ownership with 800Ks on the clock. He was like me, old and steady, so its never been ridden hard. Its got a modified seat and been de-restricted at Ausssie John's. Never been dropped, no accidents and coming up 2 years old, 18,000ks, and color Black. In my wifes name due to complications of it being second hand. I'd like 95,000b for it. I will send photos to your e-mail if you want them.
  6. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    Could you clarify the 'one nasty accident' part ??

    Is there any economical way to get KLX / Dirt wheels ?? My brothers mentioned getting a KLX but hes sure he wants the dirt wheel setup.

    EDIT :: of course the OP has first shot.. His thread after all..
  7. ronwebb

    ronwebb Ol'Timer

    I might be interested as I am looking for a dtracker. Is it a 250?
    PM me if you still have the bike for sale.
  8. Steve Merchant

    Steve Merchant Ol'Timer

    Certainly Livin LOS. IF a local driver knocked me off the bike and it incurred much damage I wouldn't have money to fix it. Right now its in perfect order, best time to sell I reckon.
  9. Steve Merchant

    Steve Merchant Ol'Timer

    Yes, my bike is a 250cc and its still for sale. I've got photos and I'll be putting it in the for sale section seperately soon. A few days.
  10. Garet

    Garet Ol'Timer

    Can you tell me where you got the D-Tracker de-restricted and the cost? Also where did you got the seat modification?

    Right now I'm in Bangkok, but I will ride up to Chiangmai at the end of January.
  11. Maaka

    Maaka Member

    someone mentioned D Tracker wheels ..I am I saw some for sale on Thaivisa yesterday
  12. mickba

    mickba Active Member

    I found I have more money than I thought lol, so I'm heading for a nice new GREEN one.
  13. Fishenough

    Fishenough Ol'Timer

    Always nice to buy new, with the current crop of used D-Trackers in Chiang Mai all asking 118,000 to 125,000 baht.

    3 seen at the Mae Chok auction last sunday, and 3 different road side for sale D-T's in the south side alone; but that's no help to a Pattaya rider.
  14. Fatlad

    Fatlad Ol'Timer

    Well you must be doing something right, most people here end up with less money than they thought lol!, great bike though had one for 18 months my only complaint was lack off power.

  15. mickba

    mickba Active Member

    Tried twice to buy a new one.
    First time I dug my heels in for a free rear rack - no chance.
    Gave in and went back to buy it and they're sold out - pay deposit and wait one month more - ermmmm no.

    No, I don't much fancy trekking up to CM for one but I might still buy a second hand one at the right price.
  16. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    As of a week or two ago there was a clean looking one on dtrackerthailand in Chiang Mai. It was a touch high asking price at 120 but room to discuss and it looked very fresh.
  17. mickba

    mickba Active Member

    Thanks, but I eventually gave in and bought a new one.

    The 'project' starts soon.

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