Wanted - KLX 250 ASAP!

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  1. Looking for a KLX 250, Must have green book in order.

    Will consider other Dual Sports if have Green book / Plate

    Cash waiting for the right bike.

    Please either reply to this thread or email me jakebangkok (at) gmail.com


  2. I know of an absolute peach, 1000km one.. With one owner.

    PM me for the persons contact info if you like.
  3. Hi LivinLOS,

    I don't think I am able to send PMs with such a recent account.

    My budget is 100-110k so I am guessing a 1000km example may be worth a bit more than that!

    However thanks very much for taking the time to reply.

  4. No and I cant PM you either.

    Go to facebook.. Search marketplace thailand.. User Ben Hobbs.

    Hes a friend of mine.. Selling a mint KLX250 with less than 1000 kms for 105k. A bargain.. Legit KMs as I know he barely used it.

    It is however on Phuket.. Postage is simple but trust and payment become an issue perhaps. I can say tho I know the guy, hes a long time resident, family and kids, owns a biz, and is an honest person.. But still I understand that may not be easy.
  5. Hi LivinLOS,

    Veeeerrrry interested!

    I followed your directions on facebook -

    There are no matches for this search right now.Suggestions for expanding your search:
    You are searching for "Ben Hobbs". Is that spelled correctly?

    That was the response I got from facebook. If at all possible could you give him my email address? jakebangkok (at) gmail.com and i'll owe you a beer ;)


  6. You need to go into marketplace.. Its a facebook app..

    Will see what I can do..
  7. No worries, I just found the advert and have contacted him via a Online Phuket advert he had made.

    Cheers and thanks for the lead.
  8. Seems it sold already.. Sorry.
  9. That will explain why I didn't hear back from him then :)

    No worries, thanks a lot for trying to help.

    So for the time being still looking if anyone else is selling.


  10. My KLX is for sale, sent you email.
  11. 2012 Model found and purchased /thanks/

    Now to start the modifications! :p

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