Wanted Klx110 Anyone have one?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by rexnong, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Hi managed to get my son a Klx110 a couple of years ago now his younger brother is ripping around on it and wants one of his own !
    Anyone got one sat in the shed or know of one ?
    There are a few on websites but they are mainly the road ksr110 which i dont really want of those
    Let me know if you have/know of one thanks!
  2. got a klx 150cc that will be for sale at the end of the month.
    reasonable condition.

  3. Those little KLX 110's are awesome little bikes and surprisingly capable- do you happen to know what they cost new from Kawasaki?

  4. Hi thanks but a klx 150 might be a bit to much for my 8 year old and don't want him going past his old man on his klx250 haha

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