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  1. jimmyklx

    jimmyklx Ol'Timer

    I have a 3 year old Nouvo with no green book, was registered in ex gf name and when we split up I bought it from her. Book went 'missing' a few months later.:confused:. Have tried to get replacement but you know how things go in Thailand and have no idea where ex is now.
    Anyone have or know where to find a broken Nouvo. All I need is frame, book and engine casings.
    Can travel Pattaya, BKK, Kalasin or Udon Thani.
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  3. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    Well I just saw on TV that there are some "re-assemble" shops but they might only have frames from Ferrari or Porsche.
    Actually I would not go the route you are thinking of .... as long as you do not want to sell it there is no problem. You can pay tax and have insurance for it without the green-book (if you have at least an copy of the green-book). And as long as you have an contract of buy/sell you can prove you did not steal it.

    If you do not have an copy of the green-book and no contract of buy/sell then be lucky your ex gf did not report her scooter stolen ....

    Chang Noi
  4. johnnysneds

    johnnysneds Ol'Timer

    Sounds like the green book was pawned which means you no longer are the owner of the scooter. Is it possible to find out where the book might have been pawned? She more than like got between 10-15K for it, pay this back and it's yours again with the book.
  5. yankee99

    yankee99 Ol'Timer

    Dont they need to stamp the original book to pay the tax?
  6. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    No you can pay tax and get an tax-sticker without the original book. On the tax-sticker will be mentioned that it was given without the green-book.

    Chang Noi
  7. KZ25

    KZ25 Ol'Timer

    I wonder how that works. "Sawadee, I want to pay the tax for the bike out there in the parking lot...?"
    Or do you bring the old sticker or the license plate in?
  8. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    I assume that you go to the DLT and say "My ex-gf lost the book of her motorbike but I would like to pay tax".

    I never did it myself but I once had for a few weeks an motorbike with an brand new tax-sticker that had the extra remark that this tax was paid without the green-book. With that I realized that the to-be seller actually did not have the green-book and I returned the bike. What was a bit a disappointment because it was an good & nice bike.

    Chang Noi
  9. KZ25

    KZ25 Ol'Timer

    I assume that the friendly clerk will say: "no book, no sticker" - but this being Thailand, who knows.

    Anyways, traveling through the north of Thailand to buy and then transport a frame, then strip the original bike and bolt everything onto the legal frame doesn't seem worth it.

    You'd end up with a bike worth about 25,000 THB.

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