WANTED: On/Off Road bike WITH Registration

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by grrr, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. grrr

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    I know registered, legal bikes are much harder to come by and more expensive, etc. I'm in no rush, so if anyone has or hears about a registered bike with plate and book, I'm interested! 250cc is good, Honda XR or Yamaha TTR is great...

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  3. BobS

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  4. grrr

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    Thanks, I'm familiar with Siam Superbike and know they sell quality bikes. I really want the XR650 he has now!

    Unfortunately, at this point I'm not ready to spend 100,000 baht for a legal, registered 1996 TTR (not including getting it up to Chiang Mai).
  5. DavidFL

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    So what's your budget / limit for a legal registered bike - road / off road / capacity?
    Are you after an old dog or something flash /new / current?
    If you're in the later (flash /new / current), then you're looking at close to 100 thou, plus? for a registered 250 off-road (& registered road bikes cost more.)
    If 100 thou is too much, then sorry, but it will be a wait for the "perfect bike at the right price".........the rough rule of thumb here (Thailand) being that beggars can't be choosers & you often have to take what you can get.

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  6. grrr

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    Like I said...I'm in no rush. I owned 1996 XR 250 for almost three years here but sold it a little while ago because getting it registered proved to be pretty much impossible. I'm after the same bike or something similar, with reliability being important, looks not so important. I guess my budget depends on what I can find, but I'm OK waiting and looking around for a while...
  7. grrr

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    To follow up on this...I did find an early 90s XLR Baja 250 WITH registration/green book. It was a little rough on the outside, but mechanically solid. The price was 44,000B which seemed resonable for a legal bike. I've spent another 13,000B to get it into shape and find missing parts, but it's running extremely well and looking pretty good.

    It's pretty amazing that parts can still be found for these types of bikes in Thailand, but with a few good contacts, money, and patience I have not been let down yet!

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