WANTED:- Protective gear for off-road riding

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  1. I have recently moved to Chiang Mai and have taken up off-road biking on a recently bought Honda XR. Whilst I loved my first couple of trips, the potential for falling off is clear, so I want to get some good protective gear. Rather than spend a lot of money on imported items or less money on fake, poor quality stuff, I'd like to buy some decent second-hand gear for a reasonable price.

    Please let me know if you have anything suitable. I am considering buying the following items, although I am open to suggestions.

    - Off-road boots (size UK 10, US 10.5, EU 44)
    - Knee pads
    - Lightweight all in one top - with shoulder, chest, back and elbow protectors (size XXL - I am 6'5'', so big is good)

    Thanks in advance.

  2. i'd be interested to know where the best places to get this gear in CM is as well... mbox your post looks good but i'm more in the market for new(er) gear.. anyone?
  3. There's a store called Fast Corner in Phanthip Plaza (near Night Bazaar) that sells protective gear - mostly Japanese stuff
  4. theres a stall on the mae rim road, that sells moto accessories, and the body armour they have has improved a lot over the last year,looks good now. good prices too.
    If youleave the moat ,take the mae rim road, maybe 500m,(?) just after the the one way section ends, it's one of the stalls on the right

    I'm also looking for a good pair of used sized 10 -ish MX boots, until I can get my own from UK

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