WANTED System 4 or 5 helmet's

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by Marco, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Are these sold in Thailand if yer any one can point me to right direction :shock:
  2. If these are the type of full face helmets that the whole front lifts up....

    Red Baron in Bangkok, and Honda Dealer in Phuket, both sell Shoei full face helmets that the whole front lifts up
  3. Hi TJ

    Yes that is the model, BUT not very much in to Shoei, Nolan N-102 0r 103 would be ok as well.

    Regarding Red Baron, if they have why dont they arvertice as in they pages there is non. :?:
  4. Marco

    Was in Red Baron last Sunday and helmets there

    on a previous visit i had long talk with man in charge, really friendly guy but didnt want to put web site in English
  5. TJ

    Okey, thankx mate.

    Will drop them a line as i arrive to BKK next week., did you managed to see how much they where? roughtly... :roll:
  6. Sorry Marco didn't check on the price

    their fone number is 02 729 4131

    fax 02 729 4133
  7. Marco

    Was in our local Harley shop today in Phuket.

    They have a Nolan with flip up thingy, 15,000 baht
  8. TJ

    Cheers mate.
    It's actually funny how helmets are so expencive here if compared to US, UK or EU.

    Especially when one can order via Ebay now days.

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