Wanted to buy: Nitron Shock for Versys

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  1. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Im interested in getting one of these rear shocks for my Versys.

    Kawasaki Versys 650 (06-12) - NTR Track Shock 2-Way


    Totally dependable, fade resistant and hand built with ultra low friction components; the NTR Track shock is made to last. A piggyback or remote reservoir allows for simple, independent control of compression and rebound damping. Widely praised by journalists and revered in paddocks across Europe, North America and Japan.

    · 2-way independent damping control
    · 40mm damper piston
    · 14mm piston rod
    · Adjustable spring preload,li>
    · Independent adjustable ride height
    · Hydraulic preload option
    · Remote or piggyback canister
    · 24 click rebound adjustment
    · 16 click compression adjustment
    · Complete with Nitron spring
    This shock has a remote reservoir that is mounted by a 360deg swivelling hose onto the main shock body and reservoir canister.
    The shock features spring preload as well as shock length adjustment. It comes preset for damping and preload and includes the bearing end spacers and preload c-spanner.

    The price ex UK is 23,000 baht.
    The quote from the BKk dealer is 33,000 baht. I don't want to pay this price.
    Supposedly they are now made in Malaysia.
    I have not been able to get any details for a Malaysian dealer, but I suspect the local price there should be acceptable.
    If anyone in Malaysia or Singapore knows where - how to order one out of Malaysia/ Singapore please let me know. The UK HQ has not been very helpful.
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Freight & duty would kill a deal like that.
    The price of the website is 524 UK pounds = 23-24,000 baht. The quote from the dealer in Bkk is 33,000 baht, but I understand the shock is made in Malaysia. If I could get it for 23,000 baht in Malaysia it is cheaper to fly down & back to pick it up. So for me something not quite right there.
  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Marcel. I'm already aware of that. So what do you suggest to get a better price / deal than 33,000 baht from the dealer in Bangkok? Any ideas?
  5. NickyBKK

    NickyBKK Ol'Timer

    You can buy an Ohlins for the Versys for THB 26,000 from Dirtshop in Bangkok. They are the dealer, carry a large stock and can do maintenance.

    Just a thought (that's what I did when I had a Versys, worked really well).

    Again, I am not trying to promote Dirtshop, hardly know the guys, just something to consider.
  6. muzza

    muzza Active Member

    if you order from uk then you dont have to pay the VAT of 20% so that will probably cover the duty , just a thought.

    I got a nitron shock for my er6 a few years ago and the quality was great , it took about a month to get it made though.
  7. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Some progress in reply from Malaysia at last.

    Muzza where did you get your shock from?

    I also received this in an earlier email

    now we know.
    I'm looking forward to getting the shock

    provided the total price is reasonable.
    Stay tuned, but with the factory next door in Malaysia service & rebuilds should not be a problem.
  8. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    It is more than simply buying a "versys" shock

    At this price level you deserve to get a shock valved to suit your weight, bike loaded weight, riding style and road conditions
    The spring also needs to take these factors into consideration

    Nitron is very good kit but if the seller is not asking these questions I would press the issue, and failing a suitable answer buy elsewhere. Nitron perhaps but from a Seller that knows suspension setup and not just a parts flogger

    Maxton asks all these questions as does Racetech
    Hyperpro does not
    Draw your own conclusions
  9. crowster69

    crowster69 Active Member

    yes good info there.If you buy this nitron shock through the Uk it will be built to your specs specifically for you.you can even put a black spring on in place of that blue if ya wanted.
  10. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Indeed Nitron in Malaysia have asked for my weight, kitted up, plus preferred riding set up. = for me bumpy twisting rural back roads e.g. the Mae Hong Son Loop & R13 North in Laos. The main highways I can handle.
  11. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Edging closer..

    I won't be going the whole hog with the optional Hydraulic Preload Adjuster for MYR $750.

    Some pix from Nitron Malaysia with their Versys shocks




  12. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    Keep going David, Nitron shocks are a very overlooked unknown mid-priced shock outside of the UK. In performance & build quality comparison Hyperpro & YSS don't even come close for the same money!! :cool:

    But it might be worth paying the extra bit of money for a different spring color!! That light blue isn't to my taste :thumbdown:
  13. speedybuffalo

    speedybuffalo Active Member

    Will U travel down by bike to pick it. I'm currently considering to change the rear shock for my GSA 1150. Will try to find out stock and price with Nitro Malaysia.
  14. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    Highly rated in UK BUT THE BLUE SICKY COLOUR is the only option yukky aint it ..... so i went for ohlins on one of my bikes and a custom SHOCK FACTORY unit on the another
  15. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Almost there:

    Plus they send pics of the shock, waiting for the BLUE spring.






    Thank you Nitron Malaysia.
  16. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The shock is on & what a beauty it is.


    The final price ex Malaysia: RM2,660 = approx 25,700 Thai baht.

    I'm a happyrider. Next the front end.
  17. bsacbob

    bsacbob Ol'Timer

    Be interested what you do with the front, the rear i can handle but the front is not happy on uneven roads, keep us posted.
  18. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    I think the way to go is

    1. Versys fork revalve

    then once that is done
    2. get some new springs, not sure what brand yet, but I will consult with Walter,

    the best suspension guy I know - how to set up your bike

    3. Fit the fork valves....whatever Walter recommends.

    When & If I eventually get it all done I will report back & let you know.
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  19. bsacbob

    bsacbob Ol'Timer

    Roberts pretty clued up on this, keep me posted cheers

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  20. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Just a heads up to say that the Nitron shock is an absolute winner.
    Tweaking my Versys
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  21. Wald0

    Wald0 Ol'Timer

    I think i will be ordering one for my bike from wemoto.com as they will deliver to Vietnam.
    I was thinking to order shock to Finland but no one was coming to Vietnam anytime soon so i have abandoned this idea :(

    Good thing is that wemoto will deduct local VAT.. but it still leaves me 30+10% tax to pay.. but they might but lower amount in the invoice......
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  22. Wald0

    Wald0 Ol'Timer

    I'm Thinking to get Nitron shock (sport) also but to order from Wemoto.com as they deduct VAT and (er6n) total price with shipping will be 444eur what is little cheaper than offer what i got from Nitron Malaysia 520eur if somebody would pick it up from Malaysia and took it to Bangkok (as i will be in bangkok in end of november)
    It might be different story as now i´m waiting to get hit by 40% of tax :(( or if i could just order it to Europe and get somebody bring it to
    Vietnam or in Bangkok before end of november as then price would be also 444eur but no customs at all.
  23. bsacbob

    bsacbob Ol'Timer

    They are a great company used them many times I am sure they will if you ask

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  24. Wald0

    Wald0 Ol'Timer

    Double post! And I thought first did not go..
    Just ordered it from wemoto they say it will take 20days to make and 2 weeks to deliver, that's fine I just hope invoice price is low but not too low that they get intrested too much.

    Cant wait to get it!!
  25. crowster69

    crowster69 Active Member

    I just got my nitron from a mate that bought it back from the uk for me,that will eventually go on a small racebike project.This one has the black spring which is actually more of a black/titanium colour.Anyway I agree with david on this,the quality looks very high and surpasses any of the ohlins stuff ive had in the looks department anyway.Looking forward to testing it and hope its as good as it looks.cheers Greg

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