WANTED - Triumph of any description!!!

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  1. Thought I would throw this out there.

    I'm fed up with the shame of riding Jap Crap here in Thailand.

    So anybody with a Triumph for sale please contact me - I will consider anything!!!!

    And I can't afford the new prices at Britbike.


  2. There is a Rocket 3 for sale at Roadmachine in pattaya
  3. There's 2x 955cc triumphs on Bathsold.com at present for sale and both in Chiang mai.

    Jap crap will do me would prefer Triumph but way overpriced here and thats what the dealers want so good luck.

    Ken F
  4. Nice looking Bonnie on mocyc.com
  5. I Own a Triumph Tiger but I see No Shame in Riding a Jap Bike? I spend more Time on My 1994 Yamaha Raid or My KLX 250 than on My Triumph! I also think with the Current Prices of Kawasaki the Versys represents Fantastic Value for Money as a Road Tourer here in Thailand? If You don't Mind Waiting for a While You may be able to get a Non Japanese Bike a little cheaper? That's if Ducati start selling their Smaller Bikes here soon as Rumor has it? Just Hang in there and Enjoy!
  6. The Street Triple in LOS post above is sold as I tried to buy it some time ago. I recently purchased a Street Triple in Singapore instead.
    I still prefer to ride my Blade. The Triumph just doesn’t do it for me but it is good for going to get the milk and bread. Jap bikes simply go faster and are better built. At least Hondas are. That should get a few responses!!
    I would like to buy a Bonnie though, just to relive my youth so I can understand why you want a Triumph but I can’t understand why you are shamed if you ride a Japanese bike.
    Plenty of Triumphs for sale if you have the money.
  7. I have owned numerous bikes over 35 years my favorites areNortons ,Triumphs BSA , ducatis , moto Guzzi and HD the only Jap bikes i ever loved were XS650 and early carbed VFR750s the rest i owned were all very well made and reliable but no souls at at Bland as hell and that includes fireblades ,Fazers,Vmax,GPZs ZXR s, later VFRs ,CB1300, and more all bland and boring .
  8. This guy got a 2009 Triumph T100 bonny only 7000ks condition as new, in Pattaya, his name Pa, Tel..0814111189
    good Luck...

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