WANTED used BMW R 1150 GS - no more :-) - got one! thanks!

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  1. Hi,

    i am looking :shock: for a used BMW R 1150 GS

    300.000 - 350.000 bath

    would be happy to get some offers!


    Ralf from BKK
  2. There are a bunch of GSs in his shop right now, at least 4 or 5. I'm not sure if they are for sale.

    K. Yut is a good guy, I have my 1150GS serviced by him.
  3. Hallo Rhodie,
    hallo NDSinBkk

    thanks for the great tip, i have been there on thursday and today i buy my new baby, 1150 GS from K. Yut - pick her up on saturday

    thanks again for give me this great weekend

    see you on the road

  4. Congratulations on joining the Bavarian Bus Drivers' Club...
    Do check the bike out mechanically carefully & make sure the paperwork & greenbook are all in order.
    Look forward to reading some trip reports on your new beast.
    Azoulay will no doubt be PMing you soon about Yut...
  5. Hi Rhodie, hi Friends,

    i would had like to PM on Yut but I don't know him and his coordinates, would be usefull as I am still looking for a GS...

    Ralf, try to send a picture at least
  6. Azoulay

    Found this from BMW thailand page, how ever dont know if this is accurate as they page is running pretty old.

    Dynamic Motors
    259/1-2 Visuttikasat Rd.
    Bangkok 10200
    Phone: 022829999
    Fax: 026292670 Press 0

    e-mail: mailto:[email protected]
    Manager: Khun Yongyut (Yut) Pol-Isariyakul

    Repairs BMW and is a good source of information
  7. HI,

    the details from Marco are correct, only the email is a new one:

    [email protected]

    i pick up my bike today

    and will post later a picture

    have a nice weekend

  8. Servus Ralf

    correct, i just spoke with Khun Yut on the phone and really good communication and as Ralf mentioned tha is correct email i also mailed to him just now.
    looking forward to his reply
  9. Thanks Friends,

    I will ask my wife who knows more locations in Bangkok than me as I maye know the guy, at present it does not ring me a bell.... Anyway I will phone the guy on his fixed line (down here in France, with some FAI -FREE, for instance- we can phone free of charge to fix line phone to more than 70 countries, including Thailand), so it's quite easy.

    In fact, I look for a GS 1150 or 1200, in mint conditions at the cheaper price, bike must be available when I arrive in Thailand, now it' s programmed for mid December and then the deal must be done in one day, as I won't have any time to waste with our X'Mas preparation and move to Cha-Am.

    Thus as much as possible, if the Yut guy is reliable and Ralf and Marco could maybe comment, I'll contact him to organise a bike, remote, on my budget.

    A must, plates and Green book (not a saucisson, Bikers would understand), mint conditions and then I will arrange it in Rhodie style.

    It will allow first to commute with confort between Bangkok and Cha-Am (when I'll find the right itinary, I still didn't) and then to ride more where I like around Lao border wher in fact I can't with the Ducati (road quality) and less confortable with the Suzuki DRZ which is suppose to be my main bike in Cha-Am...

    If one as some interesting info which can help, do not hesitate.
  10. HI -

    the first follow up -

    i get my bike today and since i test drive, had problem with the keylog (i agreed with Khun Yut, that he will fix it on monday, sure i want to drive the bike today)

    ok he fixed and yesterday and today, when i picked it up, it works - and sure like it should be happend, after my first 30 km, i park at home, to show the bike to my girl -the key stucks - i coulnd move nothing, friends of me technik guys tried it, didnt work!

    a call to Khun Yut and he send me directly a Staff - when he arrived - it still doesnt work, Ok :( he took my bike on the truck and i looked behind him!

    So i will pick it up on Monday, with a fixed key log

    Ok these are thinks which could happend!

    Here is the first pic of my new baby! taken with the mobil!

    Nice Weekend to all


  11. Congratulations, I saw your bike yesterday when I passed by on the way to Rayong. Will drop by again today. Is yours an 03? It looks identical to mine, except that mine's black.

    Sorry to hear about the key problem, but as you've already seen K. Yut will make it all right.

    If you want to email or PM me, we can see about hooking up for a ride. I live about 1km from Yut's shop.

  12. Sandy

    As you said that you live close to Khun Yut s shop, you mostlikely can give me correct details how to get there...

    we coming from Ubon and via Sara buri HW 1,,I have GPS so if you have coordinates that would be nice.

    gonna have 20K service for my LT


    Found it already,, it is actually in thai maps
    N 13Dec 45.660'
    E 100Dec 30.359'

    Little work from Google Earth+paper maps and garmin Nuvi=found[/b]
  13. Hey Ralf, now you and Carlos have excellent bikes already, are you interested in joining us on the Kanchanaburi trip from 23rd Oct?

    You can post a reply at the following link or PM to Franz to let him know.

    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... html#25194

    Hope to see you, Craig.
  14. Ralf

    How's everything working out?
    Did K Yut get it resolved for you?


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