Wanted Vespa with side car

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  1. Can anyone help?? A freind is seriously looking to buy a Vespa with side car, does anyone know if one is on the market? Thanks ,Tiswas
  2. I have a friend. No really I do[:p]anyway he knows one Vespa in Bkk with a sidecar but it is a vintage model apparently worth about 100,000 baht without the sidecar.
    He is looking up some contact info. He will also ask next time he takes his Vespa to the shop.

    Maybe we should just put them together and let them get on with it.
    You show me yours and ....[8)]
  3. Wallace and Grommet ?[:D]
  4. Hi Tiswas,
    I was in Pai last week and saw a Thai Guy there on one. Fantastic Condition! I have seen it on Previous Trips so know it is from there. Novel Machine. Again the best Bet would be to Go there for yourself and try to convince the Guy to sell it??? Of Course there are Loads of Vespa's in Chiang Mai and also a Club so i am sure they can help and Being Thais i bet they could make a Pretty Good Copy if there is No Original avalible???
    Cheers Ian.
  5. Hi Guys, thanks for the fed back, Mike , if your man is interested to sell with sidecar then a couple of pictures might help , also the price he's looking for. As you say the quicker to put them together to sort something the better.

    Ian, if your in the area (Pai) or if you have any contact no's to forward then that would be great. Are you based in Chiang Mai?, I'm in Prachinburi and at work 6 days a week so maybe difficult for me to go. The guy who wants it is in Kanchanaburi so again , a bit of a distance without being sure something available.

    Mikethevigo....cheers mate..I guess I left myself open for that??
  6. Yes i live in Chiang Mai. I will email a Guy i know up in Pai and see if he can help track it down and find out any Details. Can't promise anything but you never know? I like Kanchanaburi , go every Year for Anzac Day. Not sure how the Guy will get on there as i doubt the Vespa will have a Plate??? And close to Bangkok might need one???
    Cheers Ian.
  7. My friend won't get any info until he goes to the "Vespa" shop.
  8. I used to see one in a window display for wedding dresses!!!Great condition down near Ramkhamhaeng, will check to see if its still there this weekend,o.k.
  9. My friend wanna sell one of his Vespa call for detail 0850402900.
  10. hi guys, thanks for all the replys. Have been away for a couple of weeks & just got back. gixxer06. Does your freinds Vespa have a side car?

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