Wanted. windshield/screen for naked bike

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  1. If any one knows where to buy in Thailand or has for sale a windscreen for a naked bike please let me know. something similar to a Givi A620 (Givi Thailand do not stock) but anything 15" or longer considered.

    i don't really want to pay much more than 2,000b.
    Thanks Allan
  2. Stop by the local TUK TUK shop and see what they have, :happy2:
  3. imported a screen from the US for my CB750 Custom, cost $70US with $45US mailing.
    The thing vibrated and the fittings were all AF (nead to buy imperial tools).
    I now have a screen off a Yamaha scooter, paying 500Bht. And works well.
    If you want a screen made in the good old USA, give me a call on 0856990309, for 500Bht.
    Might not be politically correct.
    Tom :happy1:

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