Wanted XL Jacket in Chiang Mia

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  1. Well, brought helmets but should have grabbed a jacket before heading out to Thailand. I went and looked at what was available yesterday in Chiang Mai and it was pretty disappointing plus pricey for a big guy like me. So, some of you must have an old protective jacket that will fit a 6-3 225lb guy that you are not using anymore. Please pm or email me. Cienagacreekranch at gmail.
  2. Scotty999
    I have just sent you a PM as i have a second hand jacket to move on

  3. Heh Grubman, i am interested, however, you are a ways away in khon kaen, and i am heading up to chiang khong from chiang mia today...not sure when i could hook up with you. Scott
  4. FWIW Paddock does mail order and stocks large sizes, however, it's tough to buy online without having a chance to check fit first... Just thought I'd throw it out there for you:


    Another shop that stocks larger sizes and may offer mail order is Panda Rider. They even have a really good sizing chart:

  5. You might try Zeromet in Chiangmai

    Just go out the Changpuak moat gate a couple hundred meters on the right
    Large two story helmet shop
    They have a lot of large inexpensive jackets

    Kawasaki also has Dainese but not sure if 8/10k is too high?
    Zeromet for sure has stuff for 4k or less
  6. You might also want to check out Helmet2home If its still there (???) They usually have some cheap(er) large size jackets in stock. Super friendly owner too!

    Sridonchai Road opposite(ish) Suriwong book centre..

    Good luck.....

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