WARNING FOR ALL NEW HONDA 500 owners!!!!!!!

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  1. Honda have specified in Europe that all of the new 500 twin models must have a full valve clearance and shim check at first service and in EU thats £300 or 350 euros faliure to do so will result in Warranty being VOIDED !!!!!

    this is pissing off a lot of owners with a shock bill at first service ,,, are they doing it in Thailand because if not the bikes may suffer severe valve train damage ,if not adjusted at first service ,,,It is Imperitive that they are checked according to HONDA UK and also HONDA service schedules issued to all european dealers ..

    what is honda Thailand policy on this? , as the bikes are made here
  2. Honda are specifying the valve clearance check at the first service. Typical first service bill is around 3000 Bht. Not sure if anyone has stayed with their bike and seen if the check is actually done?
  3. Honda's policy is to check the Valves (says so in the Service manual) and I understand shims have been replaced on some bikes due to the tolerances being out. atleast in Bangkok BIG WING.

    I stayed with my Bike more or less all the time at Honda BIG 'Disapointment' Wing in CM.

    It's a great place if you want to buy a coffee or beer but not a decent motorbike.

    I basically paced up and down between the service area and the showroom, I was genuinely interested in learning a few things for routine maintenance as the handbook was in Thai and the mechanic was keen to show me what he was doing. wasn't away for more than 5-10 mins. They changed the OIL for the expensive Synthetic stuff but didn't change the OIL filter as they didn't have it in stock. no big deal for some of you Guys I'm sure. I did my nut and insisted it was changed . they found a new Filter 30 mins later but the damage was done. all that lovely shite in the filter was mixed with the lovely new OIL. I'm pretty sure the Valves where not done, they really didn't have time in my opinion, although the book was stamped as done. So I can't be 100% sure, but I wasn't born yesterday and have done a fair bit of vehicle maintenance over the years.

    So Warranty should be valid for what It's worth. I had an argument with a manager about Japanese standards for Honda and what it says in the Handbook and he sort of lost it with the 'Usual this is thailand' routine . didn't come to fisticuffs but many faces where lost including my own and I accidentally stood on his toes when we got too close to each other.

    Why the %^&* they can't just follow the service manual when you've paid 215,000 k on a bike is beyond me.

    The Mechanic was pretty competent I'm sure but operating under orders from above.
  4. well its definitley somrthing to look out for in future as Honda themselve specify a check at first service which is unusual and a concern seeing as honda have past history (VF750 series ) of valve train issues ,

    Time and use will ultimately tell if the valve clearances tighten up and eat the cams sure to be a big mess
  5. I haven't been on top of valve technology in the last decade or two.

    The last time I messed with them I needed a wrench and a feeler gauge; only BMWs had shims and buckets.
  6. Honda Big Wing are giving CB500 owners a sweetner to say sorry for the problem in the form of a discount at the next service. Fair enough and good for AP Honda to offer this.
  7. How much is a first service with valve check in Thailand?

    I feel sorry for the owners in other countries where it can be 10,000+ baht.
  8. Depends on the oil used.

    Semi-synthetic is around 2,000 baht

    Synthetic is around 3,000 baht (a waste as you should use semi at the 1000km service).
  9. That's expensive, IMO.

    2L of semi synthetic oil and three hours of labor - don't know how much the oil is but labor shouldn't be more than 200B/h.
  10. ^ 2.7 (so effectively 3L) of oil.
  11. How much is a liter of semi synthetic?

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