Warning from UK New Triumph Owners

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  1. Hi guys , all of u with new 3 Cylinder triumphs , Ian Bungy etc .. please regularly check your oil level at least once a week as It is a known fact that these engines burn a lot of oil and thewre have been problems . Just check the Dipstick very often when the bike is cold or been standing for a while so the oil has drained to sump level .

    Late model 1050 and 675 3 cylinder model bikes are very reliable but do use oil quite quickly , my UK dealer mate Confirms this as do all my friend here who ride the machines.

  2. Warning Noted! I check regular anyway and haven't had any Oil used so far. Haven't been Nursing it either but of course only done 8000kms.
  3. Yeah, I've heard the warnings so I check my Street Triple every trip at the moment and so far seems to be OK but then I've only done 700km!

    From what I've read it seems that the bikes that suffer are those that are babied during the running in period, those that are given the berries from day 1 seem to be OK.

  4. No troubles with the 2 triples I have owned. My current Speed Triple has over 40,000k's up on her and regularly does 800k weekends with no oil use.
    I change the oil and filter every 5000k.

  5. No problems with either of the Triumphs I have had. I put 65000 miles on one of them.

    Where do these warnings come from? Hinkley... or further east?
  6. I have a Daytona 675 and it uses some oil. This is also common knowledge with these 675 engines and is mentioned on other forums.
    One English bike mag had to have an engine replaced on their test 675 by Triumph for this reason. Even when the oil warning light came on it was too late.
    And as for checking the oil the owners manual clearly states to do it when hot!?
  7. Hi Friends,

    I am not surprised that TRIUMPH bikes use oil, have you ever ride a BMW ? This is clearly part of the drive
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but with any engine, Motorcye or not you should run in with normal oil (non synthetic) so as to bed all the moving parts, especially the rings and bores. During run in, start with easy rev ranges, but not stick at any one perticular, rather, go through the range gently, then after so many mls/Km increase the range, again using the full range and not sticking for to long at any one in perticular, then after a little longer use the full range, and use it good, don't baby the engine too much, so at around 6 to 8 K's you can change to Synthetic knowing all surfaces seal as they should with no/little glazing.

    This is certainly what we do with aero engines (piston, not turbine as these lubricate to a slightly different princible), we also substitute distance for hours run.


    Nice that Triumph's aren't loosing oil from the engine these days though, just a report on them USING it. :twisted:
  9. I am talking mainly about flat twin, I had one and it was the case, any way it's considered as normal by BMW and had never be a problem, just watch.

    Happy for you if it doesn't happen for you but anyway watch as sometime it's too late ...
  10. Sound advice and agrees pretty much with what Triumph suggest in the user manual (although strangely this contradicts some ridiculous instruction on the tank sticker that says don't exceed 5,000rpm for 800km).

    There is a more extreme (and controversial) method that some people swear by http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm

  11. Running in periods was essentual in the old days, modern engines bed in better giving them a bit of stick and it does them well to labor them a bit on up hills, beds the rings in better
  12. Hey what's all this I hear about going to a meeting at Triumph where the principle doesn't have the courtesy to show up and then your warranty is void. :twisted:

    Sorry missed the original thread :lol:

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