washing soda (sodium carbonate), where to get?

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  1. I'm having a hard time finding washing soda here in chiang mai.
    Anybody have any ideas where to look?
  2. If you mean the stuff used for unblocking sinks and de-coking two strokes, any decent plumbers shop should have it. I have bought it before on Chotona Rd, right hand side as you are heading north, opposite (or thereabouts) the turning for Novotel.


  3. be careful if using it to wash motorcycle parts ,caustic sosa will melt aluminium if left too long to soak.
  4. If you have to ask in Thai, then I think it is called "Soda Fi " as in fire.
  5. Thanks for the warning, but Caustic soda is something rather different.
    Washing soda is usually quite harmless, and is even used in food
    (similarly to "baking soda", as probably anybody who has done any
    baking will probably have used).

    I'm gonna try this electrolysis thing I've read about on the net,
    for removing rust from my vfr400 tank.
    Never tried it before, but seems a simple enough procedure that
    could potentioally work great.

    Just need to find this washing soda, and then try to find a cheap
    batterycharger to buy, unless the mechanic shop has an extra
    they will let me borrow for some days.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions for where to find washing soda/sodium

    Unfortunatly, I (or rather, my designated wifte) have not managed
    to find it. Many people know what it is, but nobody seems to have it.
    We're just getting the run-around to this shop, that shop, etc.
    Photoshop used to have it I think, but now they are more modern
    and don't use it anymore.
    Guess I'm stuck with trying to get a ok second-hand tank instead,
    getting it painted appropriatly, etc.

    Too bad, sounded like an interesting little idea to try, electrolysis.
    Maybe I'll keep the rusty tank and if I some day can find the powder,
    try it on it so I can sell it, and find out if this thing really works,
    as I've become quite currious now.
  7. It is used in swimming pools to increase the pH it it is called Soda Ash. Same stuff just a bit more "industrial"

    Hopefully Chiang Mai has a swimming pool supply store.
  8. Is it you that has that hunchbacked helper with the funny eyes?
  9. Thanks. I found Soda Ash before, but that was sodium hydroxide,
    rather than sodium carbonate.
    I've read they can both be used equally well, but sodium hydroxide is "dangerous", unless you know what you are doing. Since I don't know,
    I don't want to use that.
  10. Is it you that has that hunchbacked helper with the funny eyes?
    Hmm, no, don't think so. My helper has a big ass, but no hunchback
    that I've noticed.
  11. ... and no access to the internet, presumably.

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