Jun 1, 2008

Riding yesterday to the beach I had a wasp fly up through the underside of my helmet and come to rest right on the end of my nose. Wasn't too sure what to do so I stopped carefully then opened the visor and he flew off, neither if us being wosre for wear. Thankfully he probably just wanted a ride to the beach for some rest and relaxation.

I recall someone saying that the evening and night time are bad for insects and I intend to be finished my riding before dusk anyway but I wonder what the insect situation is likely to be during the day.

What hints do you have to keep wasps and bugs outside where they belong. I wonder if some sort of scarf would be adviseable. I don't mind the insects that I fly into, that is a hazard of the day but locking one inside my helmet isn't what I would want at speed.

To be fair, it was a hot day and I only had the armour over a T shirt so no jacket at all.



PS, I wonder if this topic helps Mike Rusts web marketing rating?


Feb 23, 2004
Yes, happened to me to at Doi Angkham, had stopped the bike and opened my visor and a wasp flew in, buzzing around my eyes and nose and ears, settling down a few times, almost felt paralysed, knowing that if I tried to do anything it may sting me.

Was travelling into the back of Samoeng and felt an almighty pain in my left wrist, stopped the bike and was literally throwing gloves and helmet on the ground to find out what was going on, never found the wasp though.

Got stung at Pattaya raceway on a go cart, thought I was getting burnt by the exhaust the pain was so acute.

Have been stung by Thai wasps twice now, and both times it has made me very ill, having to take antihistamins as anaphlactic shock has started some 4 to 5 hours later, these Thai wasps are to be treated with respect!


Dec 18, 2003
I had an interesting one riding down the road from Doi Tung in Chiang Rai. Great road with lots of nicely banked twisties. About halfway down the road while enjoying the perfect road and scenery, I saw a couple of pickups parked on the side of the road, blocking my lane. Getting closer, it appeared that there was some sort of funny looking cloud drifting around a couple of large white boxes in the backs of the pickups.

Getting even closer (and probably riding too fast with one lane blocked), it dawned on me: shit, those are beehives in the backs of the trucks and the clouds drifting across both lanes of the road are actually...BEES! It was too late to stop, but fortunately it was chilly and I was zipped up tight as my partner and I road straight through the bee-cloud. Amazing...not one bee got into our helmets or inside our jackets. Maybe it was because we weren't smelling very sweet after a few days on the road up from Chiang Mai?


Nov 2, 2007
When stung remove stinger by removing in the opposite direction of impact and obtain household viniger and wash or sponge area of sting/bite. Works on Jellyfish stings as well.

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
I have Been Stung a few Times in Thailand By Multiple Insects, The Worst is the Hornet :shock: Amazing Pain and Swells Quite Quickly!!! I just Scrap the Sting out with My Fingernail and Rum Tiger Balm on it which works quite Well to stop the Pain. Hornet Stings can Itch for up to a Week later so remember not to Scratch the Sting area during this Time otherwise it can Flare up again both with Swelling and Itching :!: Night is Full of Flying insects and Day has numerous Projectiles that's why i always Wear Safety Glasses, You would be in Deep S**T if a Hornet Stung Your Eye Ball :wink:


Feb 16, 2007
I got one in the boot, the helmet, and a hit on the leg while there. The one on the leg was the worst and most likely a hornet because the bugger managed to get through the mesh pants and it stung like hell. And for a long time.

If you're allergic, or even if not, a good idea to pack some Benadryl tabs to chew on right quick if your throat starts to swell shut. Ian's TigerBalm trick sounds good too, I'll remember that one.
Dec 5, 2006
its quite a funny thing to see you riding buddy sudenlly stop;; take of his helmet ..and reapeatlly scratch his head..
and yes i have done it too...
had a mate got hit in the eye by a bumblebee...
6 months later they were still picking bits of out of his eye.
nearlly lost his eyesight.....
found dusk the worse time...for insects/
think visor down or safety glasses.is a must.......


Mar 27, 2007
I've had one up the sleeve and one in the helmet, both times getting multiple stings. As if us bikers didn't have enough to worry about! :cry: