Wawi to Tha Ton road report


Apr 5, 2005
Shortly after CM bike night (week?) I packed up the GS with a new riding partner and headed north to ride. My goal was to explore roads that I hadn’t seen before. BobS suggested Wawi and it happened that I stayed at the Charin Gardens (800 THB) one night so it seemed like a logical choice for the next day’s trip back to CM.

We took the 118 south and turned north at the road that is 2 km north of Mae Suai. Mae Suai to Huai Khrai was OK asphalt and the dirt from Huai Khrai to Wawi wasn’t bad either. North of Wawi we passed a blue road grader heading south. It had just finished grading the dirt road north of Wawi. It’s probably a good thing that the road was freshly graded. Riding two up on a loaded GS without knobbies was a little bit of a challenge. There were several sections where the road was damp and the mud was just slippery enough on the GS to keep me on my toes. Lucky for me I’m 6’6” so my long legs make good outriggers. There were a few sections where the grader hadn’t been able to fill the ruts in completely. Once the GS got caught in a rut there was no riding out of it with the Metzler Tourances, I just had to ride it out.

Coming out at Mae Saluk there was intermittent road construction to the 1089. We had to wait briefly while the water truck(s) were spraying the freshly graded road down.

On to Tha Ton on the 1089 and the great 107 back to CM.


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