We're back!


Oct 15, 2006
Just to let you all know that we are back again. Mon and I and our friend Kevin, from Canada, went for a ride around Northern Thailand. After 13 days or riding, breakdowns and repairs, we finally made it back. All in all an excellent experience. Both the Harley and the Steed are running better than ever, thanks to Boehm, the owner and mechanic of S. Anann Mechanic, in Chiang Rai.
Had a Stator rebuild, drive belt changed, carburator rebuild and fork seals changed on this trip.
Besides all that, of course, we drank a lot of beer and whiskey and did a lot of partying :wink:

We apologize to anyone who came looking for us at the restaurant. For the most part, our loyal cook kept the restaurant open with the help of her three children (who really enjoyed the experience), but she did have to close for one day, while we were gone. So we hope that none of you got locked out.

Kevin and I, will probably do some more riding in a few days from now, but Mon will stay and take care of you guys. Kevin has to fly back to Canada on February 13th, so he wants to get as much riding in as he can, before he has to go back to the frozen North :cry:

Anyways, again, thanks for your patience


Mon and Kurt
Chiang Dao[/img]