We could not find the New Road Xieng Dao area

2Up Chiang Khong

Jan 22, 2005

Last week we were in Xieng Kok and looking to get from there to Xieng Dao, by riding along the Mekong. We were told there is now a "New Road"...but all we found was a jungle track when heading out of Xieng Kok and in one place it took 4 guys to get a Honda step-thru down one area and up the other side. Being 2Up on a DRZ400 that is set up for being Off Road, we gave this idea of getting to Xieng Dao a miss and turned back to Xieng Kok.

We were also told that the bridge has been completed across the river Nam Fa, so possibly a "Road" is coming, but we could not find it and the locals out riding only knew about the jungle track, where they had some difficulties and told us that it takes 3-4 hours to make this trip; 30+ Kilometers.

And for getting from Ban Mom to Xieng Dao, after leaving Ban Mom and heading North, we finally ran out of road/track and the locals tolds us there was no way to get through.

David and Mai
Chiang Khong

rob reznik

May 5, 2010
There is definitely a road there which I rode during the third week of March 2010 - you cross a stream soon after the start and yes it then continues as a track - does get better and the last stretch looks quite new - the trip on the XR250 measured it at 29km’s and it took me 1.5 hours with a few stops for smokes and photos - here are some shots. I had the GT map and would rate the road as one of those brown dotted routes and may possibly not be passable in the rainy season. Will post a road report of my 15 day tour of the north soon. - here are some photos of the 'new' road.