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  1. Heading up to chiang mai in a couple of weeks time, can someone give me an update on how the weather pattern has been recently, such as how much rain and has been falling and has it been at a somewhat regular time of day, as i want to get in as much (on road) riding as poss. any advice would be most welcome
  2. This may help,

    Also historical data on that site and I like to change the bottom graph, the Daily Forecast, to Relative humidity to give me an idea of real heat.

    You can also look at the Detailed observations for the last 48 hours to get a look at what happened every 30 minutes.

    Have fun.
  3. I should be a forecaster in Chiang Mai... 'for the next XXX weeks, scattered thunderstorms, see you in xx weeks, I'm off to the pub'...

  4. It's the wet season; which means sometimes it rains in some places and sometimes in other places it doesn't :lol: You cannot predict. We did an all day ride around the mountains today and not a drop of rain. The past few days no rain. Before that 3 days of rain.

    You can be riding in sun one minute, a torrential downpour may occur that lasts for a few kilometers, and then you are out of it. Next week we are doing a 3 day G.T. / Doi Angkhan ride. No worries. Bring rain gear and ride on. On road it is not a problem, just ride careful or take a break. It seldom is an all day / all areas rain.
  5. "The weather out there today is hot and shitty with continued hot and shitty in the afternoon. Tomorrow a chance of continued crappy with a pissy weather front coming down from the north. Basically, it's hotter than a snake's ass in a wagon rut."

  6. Ha ha!

    Goooooooood morning, Vietnam! Hey, this is not a test! This is rock and roll! Time to rock it from the Delta to the D.M.Z.!

    The Mississippi River broke through a protective dike today. What is a protective dike? Is it a large woman that says "Don't go near there! But Betty- Don't go near there! Don't go down by the river!"... No, we can't say "dyke" on the air, we can't even say "lesbian" anymore, it's "women in comfortable shoes. Thank You."
  7. We're going north tomorrow for 3 days and expect "mixed" weather - what the hell, I'd rather be riding here than just about anywhere else at any time of the year :D

    Robin Williams - "Nanu - f*cking - nanu". Unhumourous cockhead!!! :twisted:


  8. and what is unhumurous about Robin Williams...???? You've working too long....note the long....not hard !! :lol:
  9. This one is accurate about 90% of the time pretty good considering we talking about weather. Just put in the area yuo will be goign to. Includes a heat index, you can use C or F. Gives an hourly foecast. It misses sometimes but not to often
  10. "This one"? Which one? :?

    Any comment would be superfluous! :roll:
  11. Just back from three days on the road. Mostly followed various roads around the Burmese Border from Mai Sai to Doi Angkhan. Then to Wiang Haeng and home to Chiang Mai. Never got wet.

    Rain all around sometimes but we either just caught the tail end and got some sprinkles and wet pavement or had clear great riding. You just never know. The weather reports mean nothing as what is happening on one side of the mountain may be completely different on the other side. :D
  12. Your Right one side of Udon will have rain te othre side fdy not uncommon at all. Worse case yuo have to pull over for a bit. In my cae by thte time I get my rain gear on the rain ha sri opped. In even years only got in two bad ones.
  13. Aha. Finally arrived "home" in Chiang Mai after 3+ weeks on the road Thailand - Laos.
    Only on 1 day did I wear my waterproof pants (ex Luang Prabang). Not once did I need to wear full rain gear.
    Sure there is rain around, but this is the tropics & what you get are thunderstorms of various duration.
    Coming in from Loei today, a 10 minute thunderstorm near Dan Sai, plus a few light sun showers between Uttaradit & Lampang.
    So get out there & ride folks - nothing ventured nothing gained.

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