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  1. The wife and I have been married for five years. But, we never had the village wedding, can't wait to get that Thai costume I'm going for a General what the heck

    It will be 17th of October The modification to the house should be done by then, Tamboon in the morning, wedding around 0900 hours, the fun the party 1800 hours. Tamboon and actual weddingwill be just a few people

    We are going for Western music for a change, maybe some coyote girls don't know yet.

    Please send me notification ASAP if you can make it have room for 30 more after the local riders. ( [email protected],com )

    If you need a room let me know and give me a price range. We will arrange an easy to find meeting place, so everyone can ride in as a group. Hired a local cop so bikers will have preferred parking next to the party,

    Burgers and standard stuff with them for the Farrangs Thai food for those who enjoy it. Beer and soft drinks will be there.

    Working on getting some coyotot girls that an if lat bid was 40 K heck I didnlt want to sleep with them just dance and a DJ for four hours don't thinks so. But, we are still looking.

  2. Congrats Ray on your upcoming village wedding.
    Just checked my diary,I think I can make it.
    You are in Udon or close by if I recall.
    Have fond memories of the last moolahm that I funded there.
    Went for near 2 days before the funds and the beer runout,
    those guys sure like a party !

    The dancing girls are taking the piss.

    Shop local for the best prices Ray !

    essarn :lol: rich
  3. Thank Rich it in progress seven years here I know better. Heck I was just asking them to dance :lol:
  4. Ray is that General Disaster ?... better than Colonel Blimp ,Major Fault ,Corporal Clot or Private Parts or Seaman Stains .

    I would love to visit the wedding but will be in UK as my daughter has holiday and my wife needs more cancer treatment in October.

    Congratulations anyway. Monsterman
  5. Headed to the village down to 9 K been here to long to play that game. :lol:

    I have room for 33 riders including their guests then the wife said that's it. 80 pretty fair, she get 120 but it's her wedding 8)
  6. I really love Thailand to be fair I was wrong on the first bid it wasn't 40K at all it was 76,500. :shock: Little head has to be thinking for that one. :roll:

    The other was negoiated to 8K Gee I wionder which one to take :roll:

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