Weekend Triumph Activities June 5-6-7 2009

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
I had My Tiger Serviced on 4th & 5th and I must say they Did a very good Job. It was 20.000 km so quite a Comprehensive Service with Valve Check, Throttle Bodies etc. They also Set up the Suspension for Me which was a Big Improvement and Re-Torqued the Steering Head which has smoothed the Ride out, No More Potential Wobble Over 200kmh.
Went for the Ride Saturday, A reluctant Start as looked like it was going to Pour with rain :cry: Everyone meet at the Triumph Showroom and there was a lot of Bikes, Over 20 Triumphs alone 8) Great Ride up, Lunch which Triumph Paid for everyone :shock: Got some Rain on the Way Back but not to much Drama! Dom Rode a Classic Scrambler and Impressed the Hell out of Most Guys as He was Flat out through the Twisty Wet Gorge on Dual Purpose Tyres and left just about everyone Behind :lol: He can Certainly Ride Well there is no Doubt about that!!!.
Evening at the Showroom was again a Great Night with a Good Turn out and everything Free!!! Top Hosts as Usual :wink: I also Complement Them on their Ever Increasing Service Quality and their Mechanics Knowledge. I am Much Happier to Own a Triumph and If I had any Money I would Definitely be looking at either the New "Bonneville SE" with 17 inch Mags, a Beautiful Bike or the New Matt Green "Scrambler" with a Single Arrow Exhaust!!! Both Timeless Classics with all the Goodies of a Modern Bike 8)
Sorry I never took a Camera but Mister "Pikey" may be able to Help out there as I think He had a Camera? :idea:


Great to see the Triumph guys up here again and agree with Ian, they seem to be making a real effort to improve the servicing aspect with new knowledgeable staff and the latest factory tech bulletins to hand. Let's hope the local Niyom Phanisch boys were paying attention when they were being shown the procedures on Ian and Rhodies bikes!

Their service might have been a bit shakey in the past but their customer service has always been tip-top and this time was no exception. A great ride out to a lakeside resto at Phayao via Mae Kachan and like Ian said, the pace was rather quick, with Dom and Joey from Britbike absolutely nailing their "modern classics" in all conditions.

The free beer at the shop in the evening bought the usual freeloaders out of the woodwork (only joking guys!) and I have a few pics at home from the daytime which I'll post soon.

Cheers & thanks Dom, Joey, Aek and all the Triumph guys - good one! :-D