Weird noise when riding my Versys, chain?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Changnoi1, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Since a few rides I noticed a weird scrapping noise when riding at lower speed and lower rev. Well maybe that is the only time to really hear & feel it (I have the idea I feel it). I suspect the chain to be at fault, although at 22k I think chain & sprockets should still be ok? And a bit weird the noise seem to be gone when pulling in the clutch.

    I have never replaced a chain on a big bike. Now I read some conflicting information on replacing the chain ..... the manual says "it is an endless chain and does not need to be cut for installation" .... while elsewhere I read "because the chain is around the swing-arm it needs to be cut"???

    Anyone has experience in replacing a drive chain of an Versys?

    Well first I will put the bike on an service-stand and check the chain fully myself, to try to find where the noisy is coming from.

    Chang Noi
  2. I would get the back wheel up & very slowing spin the wheel carefully checking every couple of inches for tight or loose spots on the chain. Could also be a wheel bearing & this is also cheap & easy to change.

    22K is a very good time to replace the chain & sprockets IMHO. Fancy aftermarket chain & sprocket kits are stronger & look better but there is nothing wrong with the stock item & Kawasaki will fit for free if you buy the set from their parts department.
  3. worn chain and sprockets make strange noises for sure chain is endless because its supposed to have a riveted link but a clip link will also come with the kit 22k is a fair indicator that its replacement time .
  4. As has been said, yes, 22k it's time to replace the chain + sprockets.
  5. OK I just come back from the Kawasaki-doctor .... of course the doctor did not hear anything and said all was fine. I asked him to put the bike on a service-stand (I should buy me one) and open the front-spocket-cover. And looking at the front sprocket I would say it is a bit (wrongly) worn out (see attached photo). Then the doctor asked how much km I did and declared "chain too old" .... nothing wrong with the sprockets?

    So I had the doctor clean the chain and lube it .... the noise de-creased dramatically but it is still there and I now know for sure I can even feel it.

    So I went for a second opinion (with commercial interests but also a biker) .... conclusion : Stretched out chain.

    I think chain and sprockets should be replaced at the same time .... right?

    Then what to replace it with?
    DID 520 Gold (Made in Japan) for 1800thb or Kawasaki stock chain (DID made in Thailand) or something else?
    Front sprocket from Kawasaki and rear sprocket EK 46T (aluminium inside & steel outside) for 3800thb ?

    Chang Noi

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  6. You know the stock C & S will last at least 22k. Never put on a new chain without new sprockets.

    I personally would buy stock sprockets from Kawasaki (cheaper & perfectly good) & the DID 520 Gold (Made in Japan). Firstly better quality & secondly gold has the bling factor!! Try getting an o-ring or x-ring chain if possible, it will need way less maintenance.
  7. The sprockets and chain from Kawasaki are rubbish even though the chain is a DID its made in Thailand and its rubbish and any one who knows any thing about bikes and rides them hard will tell you the same thing just ask Tony BKK.

    But for the money they are a bargain as to replace all of them is quiet cheap.
    If you want to buy decent chains and sprockets you will probably have to send to the US or may be Singapore if you can pick some good ones up in Thailand that's great but as you know you will pay big money so for the money always replace chain and sprockets at Kawasaki at the same time and it wont break your bank balance and you will not have to worry till they all go bad again unfortunately the down side they don't last that long.

    But as we know in life you only get what you pay for.
    Happy safe biking.
  8. just looking at that nasty deformed Hooked chain in the photo , any one can see that sprocket and any chain running on it is totally knackered scrap and dangerous ......Kawasaki doctor is a Moron ,

    Thai made chains tend not to live a long time or are copies of Jap ones get genuine Japanese, british(Renthal) or italian
  9. At first I thought: 22K should not wear out a chain. I had several used bikes with 22K miles and the chains were alright. But maybe the dirt in Thailand makes things wear out much faster, or the parts are low quality. Or you didn't take care of the chain after a wet ride. What kind of lubricant do you use?
    Every Honda Wave manual shows when to replace a worn chain. If you look at the photo, yes, it is definitely time! The tooth in the bottom of the pic is almost gone!
    The Kawa doctor was probably too lazy to do anything about it.
    Maybe investing in a quality aftermarket set would be a good idea.
  10. I have the same issue on my ER6 which also stands at 22,000 km, I bought a CYC chain (made in Taiwan) from AP Shop here in Bangkok and plan to use standard Kawa sprockets, if they again last 22K it means I will be ok for the next 4 year or so.
    I had a look at Red Baron at better sprockets but they are much more expensive ; they are also lighter so good for racing to bring the unsprung weight down but even Khun Vikrom (the owner) suggested I get the standard Kawa sprockets as they are fine for road use and will last longer as they are from steel as opposed to the lighter aluminium ones he had in stock for the racers.
  11. Any of you versys riders experienced a random loss of drive chain O rings specifically on the LHS of the chain like pic below?

  12. ... or have their O rings squashed like this specifically on the LHS of the chain?

  13. If it is any help here is a GT Rider thread on Chains here

    To go with the chains I reckon that Supersprox are the best sprockets
    this might also be of relevance & help out.
    Supersprox give a life time guarantee when you buy a kit
  14. Thanks David but actually I believe my issue goes beyond the chain. The pics that I have posted are from a new 2012 versys that has 10,000km on the odo and have 3 chains chains ( 1 oem chain and 2 DID X ring chains) destroyed.

    So as not to hijack the OP's thread, the subject can be found here ...
  15. @Rob7711
    Interesting (also reading the other thread) .... end results looks a bit like with mine chain but then after 22k and not such a good maintenance so I am not surprised.

    Reading more about it I am more suspicious about when Kawasaki doctor replaced my rear tyre (and dismantled the all rear-wheel) as I have the idea that this sound & feeling started after this replacement. I also was very suspicious about how easy & quickly the wheel was aliment after that.

    Then reading more about replacing an "endless" chain and using a clip for the new chain .... my guts feeling says a clip could flip-off at 180km/h or some big bumps in roads. Of course Kawasaki doctor will say "no problem" .... same with not replacing a split-pin after taking it off. Costs bloody well 10thb but he wants to save my money.

    So my idea is to replace front & rear sprocket with OEM material (as I think that the more-price of aftermarket sprockets is in not relation of more-quality) and use a DID or Renthal chain

    Chang Noi
  16. Chang Noi ... you would be saving yourself lots of heartache and angst if you were to replace that front sprocket (if you havent done so already) coz its really worn. Else you could expect an even shorter lifespan of your new chain as it will be destroyed in no time. The better and safer way to couple the new chain is to use a proper chain tool. You can find lots of YouTube videos on how this is done.
  17. Chang Noi,
    I think that usually you would change two front sprockets to one chain & rear sprocket.

    Just wondering what happens when your bike is washed?
    Is it a high pressure hose wash?
    If yes, do the guys high pressure the chain to clean off the muck & so mess up the oil ring seals?
  18. With bad experience before I always wash my bike myself, so no high-pressure at all.

    Well due to the bit shitty weather I have not been on the bike, but today at a boring moment I cleaned the chain to have a good look at the links and O-rings. All looks fine but with a bit more checking I found that there is a change in chain-slack when moving the wheel. So could that be that some links are more stretched as others and that the chain is actually a bit to tight?

    Just made a small city ride for diner and although the noise is much less it irritates me much more and I think my planned idea of riding to Udon (120km) to have the chain & sprockets changed would be an trip of hell for me (and maybe the bike).

    Chang Noi
  19. Be on the lookout for links that may be binding somewhat like this ..

  20. Just a general point re replacing chains and sprockets which I learnt the hard way I have a Suzuki gsxr 1000 it had 20000 miles on but I really look after my chain
    I took the bike for a service to normal Suzuki dealer they said my chain on the way out but would be ok to the next service so I left it as advised
    Rode to the nurburgring in germany from uk on the way back in Belgium the chain seized it took two days to get it sorted and the dealer said always chain and sprockets together
    expensive lesson so I would always replace mine earlier rather than later
    Safe riding
  21. OK almost the end of my chain & sprocket saga .....
    I ordered a stock front and rear sprocket for about 1500thb total. And although the Kawasaki Doctor says I can re-use the washer of the the front-sprocket I also ordered that new.
    I told them I would bring my own better chain (DID made in Japan) .... then to my surprise the Kawasaki Doctor asked me about the link and saying that it would not be an good idea to use an clip-link (in which I agree). No the motorbike shop has assured me that the DID-chain had an rivit-link .... that is even what is recommended on the box of the DID-chain. But before buying the chain I checked (double check everything in Thailand) and yep .... clip-link provided and NO rivit-link. I do understand as the most people do not have the special tools you do need for a revit-link. But wtf .... DID puts an warning on their box NOT to use clip-link and they supply and clip-link! Makes you wonder if this DID-chain is really from Japan?

    So now what ... just order the stock chain with rivit-link? Not expensive and even with bad maintenance it has brought me 22k far.

    Chang Noi
  22. Ok had new front + rear sprocket + chain installed today .... and the bike rides like new. The chain was for sure at fault, although you could argue if the new sprockets were necessary. Did cost me 3528 thb + 100 thb for EMS from Udon to KK.

    It is all stock Kawa, do DID 520 VP2 chain and SunStar 46 rear sprocket. I will have the old set cleaned and compare to the new set, just for learning. First look at chain seems to show that indeed quit a few O-rings are actually damaged, and weird (or not?) mostly on the inner side. But it is really amazing how much better the bike is riding .... now realising that the chain was already ****ed quit a few KM's ago.

    Getting off the old-rivit link and putting the new one on was a bit more work (less easy) as I thought.

    So for future savings ... I will give my chain + sprockets a bit more TLC.

    Chang Noi
  23. I'd be inclined to fit a Scott Oiler as the easy way out.
  24. As long as that DID is not made in Thailand your chain should get great mileage.
    You are not alone with the o rings pushing out of your Thai chain it happens to them all I could not believe it when it happened on my bike as I have never seen that before.
    If any thing is made in Thailand its rubbish from Helmets to jackets to boots ans especially bike parts but as I said in an earlier email to you, you only get what you pay for in Thailand.
    You can adjust this to your riding so it only lets flow the amount of oil you need.
    On a decent Chain and sprockets I have had life till 80 thousand ks.
    But yes all you can do is oil your chain as much as is necessary and in this wet weather you need to oil it more as the rain washes it clean and will wear it out very quick and this will wear your sprockets out quick as well.
    Happy biking.
  25. On the subject of DID chains. The following pics are from a friends group ride last weekend in the US. The caption with it was "Will never buy another DID chain"

    Attached files 281893=11908-did848. 281893=11907-did8482.

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