weise lightweight armoured jackets xl and x small new.

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    i bought these jackets in the uk in december. they are lightweight waterproof and high quality. they have airtex linings and are fitted with removable knox full armour in shoulders elbows and back.two outer pockets and 1 inner. both jackets have been worn once from pattaya to sattahip. other than a couple of smudges they are as new. the sleeves are a little long for asian girls but the important bit is the protection.
    jackets are in pattaya now, i will add that they are just right in the sun,not too bulky and snug fitting at speed.
    these cost £100 each in the uk 4 weeks ago, im selling as i no longer need a pair of jackets. asking 6000 baht for the pair.
    adam 0810042613

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  2. DavidFL

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    Are they still for sale?
  3. ravedaddy

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    yes they are still available. i have worn the xxl jacket to koh chang and back and ill be wearing it monday for a 10 day trip round the mae hon son loop.the jacket works out fine in the heat and has a nice through flow if you leave it unzipped an inch at the top. there is minimal wind drag. i was selling them as a matching pair (ive no plans to carry a passenger anymore) and intend to put the money towards a very expensive jacket for myself as ive now found the true reasons for visiting thailand-riding! call me anytime but im currently doing 500km a week so ill ring back any missed calls, cheers adam
    the model is reavailable and can be bought on a nightly basis from soi cheap charlie ...:)
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    So is the man sized one a xxl or an xl ??

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