Welcome all guests to visit Horsepower at Srinakarindra 62, Bangkok

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  1. lzfb1.png Horsepower Bike


    Horsepower Showroom sell all type of Harley-Davidson bikes including new bikes and used bikes,

    also showroom can make any order to Harley-Davidson according to your needs.


    In the showroom, we also sell all kinds of accessories, clothes and some special collections.

    The biggest advantage from this showroom is that we also got a One stop service center behind the showroom


    In one stop service center we have checking up, maintenance, repairing,

    detailing all conducted products, and clearing up all the chromium parts.


    Open daily from 10 AM to 7 PM Service Center closed on Sunday

    feel free to contact us 02-746-5794 ,092-715-3892 at your service

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    lzfb1.png Horsepower Bike

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