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  1. Yes, when you get there. Jai yen yen.
  2. Great to see Malaysia thread in this great forum. Captain_Slash, welcome to Malaysia, I believe u will enjoy the trip.
  3. Hi Captain

    Welcome to M'sia and give me a shout if you're in Ipoh.

    Do not hesitate to call me or pm if you need any help.

    Have a pleasant and safe ride.


    Lip Meng
  4. I did cross the wang prachan checkpoint near satun.I was rideing my phantom.It was a easy crossing and no paperwork was asked for the bike.
    I did not plan to ride far into malasia this trip.I did not see any money changers or insurance on the malaysia side.I had been looking for a decent map here in Thailand and have only seen the PN map not much detail there.
    Also I crossed on a sunday morning and it was very busy,tour buses on the thai side and alot of people.
    Next time I will have a good map,ringet,ins and a guidebook.
  5. I crossed last sunday.They did not ask me for anything for the bike.
  6. That is right Capt Slash, Ipoh is quite a nice place for some really good chinese food besides Penang, Selangor & Melaka. It is good to see that Malaysian thread was finallly set up but quite a shame on my part not being able to contribute any information as of now despite being a local. Hope you find our country enjoyable and please let us know if any assistances is required. Welcome to Malaysia.
  7. Great David
    I will try and post some info on Malaysia. Still have great pictures during my local rides here. Malaysia has some awesome roads to travel too.

  8. CApt slach give me a call when u in Kuala Lumpur
    BUrnjr 012-2568742.
    HAve enjot ride in malaysia.

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