Well done Cal Crutchlow, Le Mans podium.

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  1. Excellent wet MotoGP race today with superb riding from Pedrosa who took 1st, Cal Crutchlow 2nd (racing with a tibia plateau fracture after a nasty crash in practice) and rookie Marc Marquez coming 3rd after learning more about racing a big bike in the wet in 1 hour than most people would in a couple of years!

    Shame that Ducati were robbed of a podium but that lil firecracker Marquez just wasn't going to take that learning curve easy...... he certainly has a championship future ahead of him.

    Lorenzo was struggling after the first third and dropped back to finish 7th, while Rossi, who looked very promising for a podium slid out, dumped his bike in the gravel, remounted and came in 12th.

    Terrific race, extremely entertaining. :thumbup:
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    Yes a fantastic race.A very gutsy ride by Crutchlow. I had to have a chuckle at the Dr going down, pressured into a mistake - he used to be the master at that. "Winding them up like a cheap watch until they broke," was someone's MotoGP quote, but I forget exactly who now. And Marquez' amazing ride through the field to get on the podium.

    Bring on the rest of the season.

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