Well now I really do live in Chiang Mai

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  1. Thought that with all the change in my life in the last few months, I would just make current situation clear.
    Location. A nice rented 2 bedroom bungalow in SanPranet, not far from Payap University.
    Status. Single and likely to remain so for a good time.
    Bikes currently owned. Well all change here:
    Firstly purchased a nice second hand D-Tracker, 1 year old low mileage with a few good extras fitted. This to be my into and about town, with a bit of light off road and twisty road stuff thrown in.
    Secondly, changed my 2008, trusty and well used FZ1, for a 2008 low mileage Yamaha R1. Changed with Khun Bad from Khon Kaen who did not find it that comfortable. A small cash sum handed over for the value difference. That bike I find more fun each time I ride it. Quite happy to take it anywhere, including multi-day trips, as long as it stays on road.

    My current bikes parked under cover at the back of the bungalow in San Pranet.
    And finally, the nearly 2 year old R1200GS with 34,000 km has been changed for a new F800GS, again not too much money needed for the change, as got a good price for the old one from a guy in Bangkok. The F800GS widely considered as one of the ideal bikes for the roads, and tracks in the North of Thailand.

    Lots of change, and now looking forward to settling down to enjoy both old and new aquaintances, and spend lots of time discovering all that Chiang Mai and surrounding regions have to offer.
    Anyone in reach of Sanpranet, welcome for coffee anytime and anyone short of a riding partner, please do give me a ring. Mobile number stays the same.
    I give it here as it is already fairly well known, and the readers of this site tend to be a decent bunch. Mobile 0831501035
  2. Sounds great John....some new toys, and a new location, can't go wrong for a fresh outlook on life.
    Love that 800....probably be the most useful bike for you I reckon.
    All the best.
  3. Welcome to the Rose of the North John !! Cannot imagine a better place to live in LOS !! With your residence and biker collection settled, that should give you plenty of time for riding and other activities now. cheers, franz
  4. Welcome "HOME" John. Chiang Mai is where you belong with that bike collection. :thumbup:
    What are you going to take for the ride to DMS on Thursday. Something to keep up with lung on his new AT i hope.
  5. Well to keep up with you guys I was going to come on my mountain bike. :lol-sign: :lol-sign:
    Just joking, it will be the BMW because I want to get its first service done before I join a 3 day , 2,500km trip with Khon Kaen Rider. (Thats the total incuding CM - KK, 3 days to promote KK bike week around Isaan - back to CM). Look forward to seeing you bright and early Thursday morning, well bright anyway.
  6. :lol: :thumbup:
  7. Good to hear from you John and enjoy CM as i know you will.

    I'll be there if not sooner,then by the bike week
  8. While I may have lost my only Khon Kaen guide who generously helped me get around when I was in town earlier this year,
    I do wish that your move to CM brings you more exciting rides, good neighbors, even more friends and a nice comfort zone.

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