Wet raod on 1001 to 1150.

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by The Goddess, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. I had been there on Sunday. Its was wonderful day of me. All way 1150 is wet. many fogs. I have ride slowry. like old style buffalo car 555:mrgreen:

    But my feeling is very enjoy with these.

    I cant keep feeling alone. I have to shear with friends. you should be ther . Its was fun:thumbup::thumbup:

    Stop little for snap photo!!


    not ride on for long time. to much work in office.


    Its wonderful feeling of me. enjoy moment :)


    :silent: Have more rain the raod is gone soon. I think.

    Pl, Sorry, for my english to.( not good english) good feeling have to shear..

    Hope admin not delete my post. eiei
  2. Nice to see the rain once from far (Europe quite dry this year) ... And looking forward to meeting Thai friends again soon.
  3. Goddess, has that road collapsed yet?
  4. I didnt ceckout yet. i think . one day i should jump on my bike and check the road collapsed agian. :lol::lol::happy2:
  5. A , you should of asked some of us to join you.Much better to have some company rather than riding alone.

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