What's up with HRC?!

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  1. "HRC" stands for "Honda Racing Club" - but are there HRC products available in Thailand? I've got a nice sounding muffler on my Wave that's not too loud and sounds great. It's also very well built. There's a small alminum badge rivetted to the muffler that says "HRC" then there's something stencilled in thai underneath. I suspects it's for the cops and says something like "only for track use" or "collect 500 baht" or something like that. Anyways, I'd like to get my hands on a new muffler for my CBR; anybody know where to look? There are no HRC websites...
  2. Sorry to dissapoint you but your muffler is probably not a HRC.

    First of all HRC is not involved in any "club races". HRC stands for HONDA RACING CORPORATION which is a huge company,established in 1982, involved with racing with Honda products. They manufacture for ex. racing kits for certain Honda models. These racing kits can cost 3 times the price of the bike it is mentioned for. I doubt that they make any mufflers for your bike. You probably have a "thai copy" and the HRC badget is illegally put on the muffler.

    HRC do have a home page. If you go to www Honda Worldwide you will find the HRC homepage.

  3. Good ol' HIKO says it all - no long discussion, no different opinions, just the facts. And most of those are right. David, you should hire the guy!
    I'll check out the webpage later.
  4. Yes HIKO is right lots of FAKE HRC bits in Thailand.
  5. Give me a FAKE HRC muffler over an Endurance system anytime!

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