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  1. Well, better get my skies & gear from Austria sent to Chiang Mai soon........might even ask a friend to come over and help them municipality to plan building a ski lift and slope near Doi Suthep.......
    Yesterday it rained on occasion near Hang Dong, then in the evening temperatures dropped, but today, hell, what is happening, raining the whole day and at around 17:00 temperatures were around 18'C but just 5 minutes ago I put my digital thermometer to the test and it showed an incredible 15'C.
    Now rain isn't that uncommon BUT these temperatures in March give me the creeps.
    Just for all guys flying in for a tour up North, carefully watch the weather reports by the Thai Meteorological Department and better take some warm clothes, a friend called me just home on a hill near Mae Malai on the way to Pai and stated that not even in December temperatures dropped that deep. Be warned !!
    At least we won't have that greasy, slippery road surfaces for days to come......Rgds, FR
  2. Cold near MaeChan as well! Yesterday I was wearing a pullover all day, today I have thermal longjohns & socks on & am still cold. This weather is for your benefit Colin - to get you ready for what awaits you back in the UK!
  3. Captain,

    Better get ready - here is the weather forecast for cambridge tomorrow: 8max -2min
  4. Colin, looks better today, see already some small blue streaks in the sky and hopefully with this the temperatures will also move upwards again, at least no 'burning' for several days to come, means this years time before Songkran will see less smog in CNX. UK/Europe is another story.........cheers, Franz
  5. Hi all, new to gt-rider.

    Would like to ask what the weather is like around CM in August. Along with three friends, will be arriving in CM on the 5th August and weather permitting going on some day trips in the area. Would really love to have all the preparation work done beforehand and hit the ground running as we only have 5 days before we need to return to BKK.

    Should add that between the four of us, I am the only one who rides regularly in Sydney. My mate is going to take the learner course in July provided by the Roads & Traffics Authority. The other two have been to Thailand and tried the Honda Dream/Waves in and around Bangkok/Phuket. Any words of advice as to where best to get started for novice riders wishing to see the north?

    Two of us would like to get a dirt bike and try abit of trail riding, however concerned about the weather in August may not suit even leisure trail riding. Any recommendations on choice of bike - Baja, KLX (how does the unrestricted type differ), D-Tracker?

    For the gtrider maps, will there be issues with stock if we choose to get them once we hit CM?

    Have found alot of useful reading on local traffic conventions, hazards, riding gear, and the bike rentals. Although any advice and tips, to help with a safe enjoyable trip is much appreciated.

  6. Oh, YES! YES! I'd love to ski again...even on Doi Suthep which would be just a fairly short intermediate slope.
    Of course, I'd need a year to get my legs back into shape!
    I dunno which I miss more...the skiing...or the snow-bunnies :)

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