What about the brand PLATINUM?


Feb 8, 2007
Hi all!

I recently saw for sale in Chiang Mai "enduro bikes" from the brand PLATINUM. There are two models: 125 cm3 and 175 cm3...
OK, as "tools" made in China, the "finishing" isn't at the top: painting, plastics, and weldings are not so good. If I'm right, the engine is a copy of the Honda one.
I met a guy who rides one of these bikes (it was one 175 cm3) for several months now (and 3000 km on the clock) and he told me that apart some bolts to tighten from time to time, these are "correct bikes for the price"...
Sure, I saw the 175 cm3 model, new and ready to go, at 47000 Baths! The price of a Honda Click... And green book and plate at the time of buying!
I think for Farangs (80 Kg or so... Hum!) better to ride one 175 cm3...

Anybody have already some experience with these PLATINUM? Some advices, some critics, some bad or good tips?.. I red here and there on the forum someones enjoying off-road with these bikes...

In fact, I'm looking for an old 25O XLR or DR or XXX 4 strokes. But with green book and plate and in "correct condition", they are not sold cheap. State of the market for these bikes, I suppose...
So in my head the idea of buying one of these PLATINUM.
Good or bad idea?
Thanks in advance.
Sep 19, 2006
I have Never heard a Good report about a Platinum! In Phuket someone got the Consumers Board onto them and they were Banned from sale on the Island due to Unsafe and Inferior Build Quality and No Parts, Service Backup. Then the Guy from Chiang Mai took over who i have meet and indirectly had a small dealing with, An Unscrupulous Dirty Mongrel not to be Trusted would be Polite words to say about the Guy :shock: He would "Pinch the eye out of a Dead Mans Head and S**T in the hole" I have multiple Chinese Bikes and they are not up to Japanese Standards Yet but are definitely closing the Gap. You don't want to go to Far on a Platinum as you could have reliability Issues :cry: I would Pick the New Thai Made "Tiger CX135" over it anyday. These are available at the Dealer by the Train Station and are Great around town. Both Myself and Pikey have the Older 125 Model and mine has had a Fair Thrashing from the Staff and No Problems. You are welcome to call in the X-Centre and take mine for a Test. Last i heard they Cost 43,000 Baht for the Top one with Manual Clutch, Oil Cooler, Gas Shocks etc. Also they have a Plate/Book. Good Luck Mate! :D
Mar 15, 2003
I was going to comment.........but I sure can't say any more than Ian already has :shock: !

Ditto on the Tiger. I have a Tiger Joker 120cc that we have been riding for more than 4 years without any major problems at all. Also good service from the dealer in CNX.


Yep, right enough about Platinum by all accounts. As for the Tiger, I think Gobs wants a "proper" looking motorbike - backbone frame, petrol tank between the kneees e.t.c as opposed to an underbone type bike.
My personal experience of the Tiger is that it's OK, a bit buzzy at high revs and the build quality whilst prob better than some/most Chinese bikes, still has a way to go to match Japanese standards. If you want a decent "proper" off-roader/trail bike then a second-hand Honda/Yam e.t.c is the way to go but you'll pay strong money for a decent one with a plate. If you just want to fly around town and have a play in the mountains, then a Tiger will do the trick and put a smile on your face at the same time :)
Nov 2, 2008
Just browsed those Platinum bikes myself and OMG what a cheap machine; bolts missing here and there including the exhaust hangers, brand new says the salesman but the disconnected slightly burred speedometer cable looking suspicious, leak stains on the carb, and sparsely riveted tin pie plate of a rear sprocket (yikes).

Hello, new as a resident in Chiang Mai (3 months) and no longer just a visitor here. Really wanted a light small bike to haul my 42 year old self around, and if I get lucky enough to join some of the great rides posted here, and look forward to being that guy that tags behind the group – well prepared too happily assist in any repairs. Babying a repaired spine and have no wish to have my (last bike) R6 under me anymore.

Well, was intrigued by the price, of the Platinums, as I plan to buy myself a present this holiday season – and I’m cheap. Though the D Tracker felt too small, it looks like a winner to gain a spot under the Christmas as tree.



Oct 15, 2006
Khuang Nai
Was riding with 2 platinums today and one got cut clutch cable and could not change geer exept manually with right hand about 40km

other got right front extra light fallen off actually broken as it's all plastic, all bumpy roads worn out those plastic parts..

would not consider inversting that ammount of money for plastic


Nov 2, 2007
Gobs I was attracted to the 175cc bike ( was told it was actually 200cc by shady salesperson) because of the price but once I sized everything up it was not that attactive and older models definately had engine problems. I am happy to buy jap crap with parts and service her in CNX.
Are you going on ride this Friday ?

Cheers Ken F


Aug 27, 2008
Glad it wasn't just me who got that impression about the dealer in CNX.
I wasn't sure if it was just a bad day for me or he was the biggest ars-----le I had ever met. :D

Nov 18, 2008
Hi gobs,
Wow, lots of negativity on this brand. When I went over to look at Con's chopper he showed me his Platinum 175. Granted, anybody who requires something that's near perfect out-of-the-box and wants to be able to beat the sh*t out of it and have it smile back at him should pay the "Big Baht" and buy the Kawa or Honda. And, granted, even though the dealer on Wualai Road is a weasel, to be kind, there is another dealer on the road from the moat to Pantip plaza who may or may not be better. OK, I'm not a pro dirt-track rider but I am a mechanic and, with a few modifications, I'm quite pleased with my PX175 and have recently done the 100km dirt road from Maehongson to Wat Chan with no problem. The sprockets need to be changed from 15 and 50 tooth to 16 and 42. Unchoking the exhaust gives the short-stroke engine lots of low-end torque and Con has upgraded the front brake to a dual piston and put a 4.60 rear tire in place of the 4.10. The Thai Police have recently gotten new Tiger Boxer 200PX motorbikes with engines that look identical to the PX175 engines which opens up the possibility of of increasing the displacement of the Platinum and adding a stock oil cooler. I had the front wheel changed to an 18 inch match to the rear wheel so I only have to carry 1 spare tube with the tire spoons, axle wrenches and pump in my "getaway kit" and am checking into getting a heavier duty chain and sprockets. The Platinum is "old school" with the simplest "tapered needle" carb design and dependable capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) system which I bought a spare 500 baht ignition box for "just in case". The new Kawas are computerized, state-of-the-art machines that run perfectly-until they don't-and then it's time to push it until you find someone with a pickup truck to carry it to the dealer. The Hondas are not so hi-tech but getting an old used one with a number plate is a pricey affair. Sorry to be so wordy but, in conclusion, IF you know a little bit about what your riding AND you don't beat your equipment really hard you can have a "pretty good" dirt bike for half the price of the next best thing with a number plate-just forget about anything called "resale value".