What bike is this one?

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  1. Spotted in Mae Sai yesterday - Sunday June 21.

  2. Intresting looking bike

    for begining i was looking with army code in the side,from US army re result, then i saw and tryed to ZOOM to tank and i become wondering is it old U.S.S.R ZSKA bike,, looked from they page and so far have not yet found...
  3. A Zunndap maybe? David, I was up in Chiang Mai last week on the Beemer. There is some loon up there on a European plate with the letter L as the country (Lithuania I think) on a big V twin sports bike, who thinks it is pretty cool to come up behind you at 140 KMH and try to scare the shite out of you because he has a big bike. This will cause an accident and if he does, I hope it's him that gets hurt....
  4. think you are right seen it before in my friends museum,he told me they are getting pricy in europe now,the sample i saw was not in this shape.
  5. "zid voskhood",just a guess
  6. David

    Do you have a bigger zoomable picture of that bike?
  7. This Bike may have started Life as a Possible Collectible Bike :) But if You look Closely it has been Re-powered and the Engine is a Honda CG110 or Honda Wing Unit, Thus rendering this Bike Worthless :cry: In fact it could well be the Entire Bike is a Thai Made copy of a Classic :?: Looks OK though and if it Has a Legit Plate could be a Novelty Item :wink:
  8. Ian you might hit the 10 point's in there but would be nice to know from what bike it has been copied as the i.e.saddle arragement looks bit different than any other i have seen so far...

    In here every good thing is destroyed like in cars,,orginal motors hasv been changed to some toyota engines and so fort,,,what kind of mussle car is that :x

    same goes with many classic bikes,,honda engine is put it in them and then sold as "originals" in many cases...sooo sad
  9. Bungy
    You're a winner. Now for a prize - a beer in Dan Sai. See you there!
  10. I agree with Ian. But that the engine is a jap refit is easy to see. The frame reminded me of a german NSU Max, my grandfather had one. Google NSU and you will see that the frame is one of their models.
  11. This model comes fairly close, even though there were other bikes like DKW or various Czech models made. The rear suspension has obviously been borrowed from a newer cruiser and fitted on top of the fender. Inventive.

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  12. The engine refit (my guess an older CB125) necessitated running the chain on the left, must have been quite an operation...
  13. Bungy
    You're a winner. Now for a prize - a beer in Dan Sai. See you there!

    Bungy got his beer in Loei last night watching MotoGP. :) :)

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