What bike is this?

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  1. This one's not that easy! A bike with a W3 engine, built at the beginning of last century.


    This bike was made in 1906:


    Any ideas?
  2. That was not so difficult. The guy on the motorbike is Alessandro Anzani 1877-1956. He was a very famous engineer from Italy. He later opened up a factory in France and later in England which the name of British Anzani Engineering Company. In England he outsourced the engine manufacturing to Coventry Ordonance Works Ltd and his engines were supplied to famous Car manufacturers like AC-Cars, Squire, Morgan and Frazer Nash. The British Motorcycle manufaturers Greeves and Cotton also used his engines. The car engines were at their time very High Tech with Twin Cam engines and OVH engines. He also manufactured a "Cycle Car" with a 1100 CC engine. Most famous he anyhow became because of his aeroplene engines. He delivereds the engine (actually the same engine you can see in the lower picture) to Louis Bleriot who was the first man to cross the English Channel in 1909. He continued to make vertical up 20 cylinder in 4 rows for the aeroplanes and he developed a hydrofoil. He also developed a tractor and some lawn engines.

    The picture above is a modified Anzani W3 Fan engine. Anzani was very active in motorcycle racing and the bike looks a little "modified".

  3. Here's an easy one then:

  4. 125 KTM made in India, cannot remember but there was already a post of it in this forum, also read a short article in an austrian newspapers website not so long ago.....rgds, fr
  5. Sorry, Franz, but this is the the KTM Duke 200, assembled in India, which at some point in the future will be introduced to "selected Asian and South American markets".
  6. Seems to be a very nice one, do you have any details 'bout this bike, could become a ripper on some markets, myself love the Duke690R very much but here in LOS way too expensive.... :smile1: , cheers, Franz
  7. KTM announced it on some website. No specs or price yet. The reasoning is that some markets have the 125cc / 15hp restriction, some markets don't. So they'll release a 200cc version in "some selected asian and south american markets".

    It's the "selected asian markets" I'm interested in...

    If you google "Duke 200" you'll find some info on indian websites.
  8. How about this one?

  9. ...or this one?

  10. That'd be a Lamborghini. They had a choice of 750, 900 or 1000cc Kawasaki motor.
    built in France by boxer bikes of Toulouse.
  11. Right, it's a Lamborghini!
    Even though it may look a bit over the top now don't forget this bike was designed in the mid-eighties - in those days it must have made quite an impression.

    "In 1986, in search of expansion and diversity, Lamborghini decided that a motorbike would bear their name. Boxer was the only partner capable of building the ambitious, ultra-expensive Lamborghini Design 90, powered by a state-of-the-art, 4-cam, 4 valve per cylinder straight-4 Kawasaki engine.
    The price was twice as high as the most famous high-end motorbike of the period. This outrageous price factor, in addition to the extremely limited series - Lamborghini announced that 20 to 25 would be built, but only a handful were actually completed - contributed to establish the myth of the Lamborghini bike. Chief Engineer for this bike was Claude Fior, famous for his unique high-tech racing bikes. Fior unfortunately died young a few years ago in aircraft accident.
    With an estimated 130 HP for 170 kg, and with its radical shapes, this bike was a dream for millions of enthusiasts. Five to possibly six of these exclusive motorbikes were ever built with the complete fiberglass dramatically aerodynamic bodywork, inspired by the world-famous "25th Anniversary" Countach. One is still owned by one of the founders of Boxer-Bikes.
    The market value of theses bikes, in perfect order, are estimated between $50,000 and $70,000 USD (£30,000 - £40,000)."
  12. No comments on the light-blue boardtracker yet?

    The company's founders are reportedly Erasmus Thump, Titus Bottomly, Enoch Podsnap and a ‘Mrs. Mabel Ramsbottom’.

    That should give it away!

    Erasmus Thump
    Titus Bottomly
    Enoch Podsnap
  13. When I first saw the picture of the blue bike I thought it looked like a one off custom special using a Norton Commando or Atlas engine. I then looked for it on the internet and found I wasn't too far wrong.
  14. A photo of the RHS of the 'Phantom EG' shows an interesting hand gearshift lever and a very vulnerable looking ignition system.

  15. Who's working on this highly unusual bike?

    Attached files 262948=193-nembo-super32-motorcycle-2.
  16. Who can identify this monster cruiser?
  17. Forgot to click "upload"...

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  18. The "Console" of this neander 1400 looks really special

  19. Yes, this diesel-powered cruiser is quite special. To eliminate the vibrations Neander came up with a double crank with opposing con rods.
    They specialize in small diesel engines from 400-1400cc, singles and twins, from 12 to 110 hp.
    More info on their website: http://www.neander-motors.com/loesung-neander.de.html
  20. clearly a NORTON Board racer special
  21. No responses on this bike with the upside-down engine?

    Attached files 263337=258-nembo-super32-motorcycle1.
  22. Yes, that's right! Quite an interesting bike. It's open to discussion if an upside-down engine has advantages or not, but I give these guys a thumbs up for taking on a project like this. It sure looks different from the usual fare!
    The air-cooled three-cylinder engine is fitted upside down, the cylinder heads are facing the road; it uses a single overhead cam and two valves per cylinder. Displacement is said to range from 1850 to 2100cc, and power output will range between 160 and 250 horsepower. The bike’s dry weight ranges between 140-155 kg (309-342 lbs), but this depends on the materials used and options chosen.
    The Nembo Super 32 is built on request and has so far been fitted on just two prototypes.
    I hope we'll hear more from these guys!

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