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  1. Hello everyone. This is my first post on the forum, even though I have been reading it for a while. I need your advice on a couple of things and hope that I can help with some of the things I know in turn.
    I've recently moved to Phuket from Canada. I'm 35 and I've been riding motorcycles for quite a while. While I'm in Thailand(6 mths to 1year) I'm planning to buy a motorcycle(maybe scooter?) and travel around SEA. I was thinking of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodgia.
    I've been doing a bit of research and I'm a bit confused about what ride should I get for my trips. I kind of narrowed it down to Honda Wave 125i, Kawasaki D-tracker and Honda CRF250L.
    The advantage I see with the Wave is its price, reliability, amazing consumption and practicality. Downsides, practically no ground clearance and almost no suspension travel.
    On the other hand the other 2 are proper bikes, but they cost more, small tanks and higher consumption.
    Can someone please give me a bit of advice on which should I go with?
    Also, I might be traveling with my gf as a pillion.

    Thanks a lot in advance and would appreciate your input.
  2. the best thing you can do is rent & test ride the bikes you have listed & are interested in.
    Narrow it down to a couple then load them up, & do a few long overnight trips - 2 day rides with them & see how you feel.
    Whatever you feel most comfortable & happy on is the way to go.
  3. Had a CRF250L and still have a Honda Wave. I'm only 5'9" which is not that tall, and the misses is the usual diminutive Thai girl. On the Honda Wave we have plenty of room on the seat and it's comfortable. On the CRF250L she had to sit half on the back-rack and the seat is NOT comfortable even on short rides.....This is just our experience so other posters, please do not shoot us down in flames.
  4. I wouldn't want to be covering a lot of miles on an off road style bike. If I wanted a smallish cheapish bike to tour Thailand and neighbouring countries I think I'd look for a well maintained late Honda Phantom.
  5. I own a CRF250M and a Yamaha Nouvo 135. Had a Honda Wave 110 for 70,000 km/nine years.

    I'd say it depends on the kind of traveling you're planning to do. If you want to putter around between 60 and 90 km/h, enjoy the scenery, take some photos, then get a Yamaha Nouvo 135. I had the Wave 125i before I got the Nouvo and for me it's: no more Waves! The older Nouvo has a carb and 135cc and makes okay power. There are at least five new ones still sitting at my local dealer. Big comfy seat, storage underneath is very practical when traveling and the bike can get fixed anywhere. Also your feet don't get as wet on a scooter.
    If you want to do some serious mileage and some off-road, and make more of an impression, get the 250. I bought the Honda new over a used Kawasaki simply because it is a Honda. Get some foam for the seat and have a rack made and your ready for traveling in style. Of course it costs a bit more and you have to worry how safe parking is.
  6. JohnGooding toured Northern Thailand on his CRF250M with My Wife and I on a Versys...

    It all depends on what your looking for, and your confidence...

    If you are in Laos and Cambodia, you will be spending a significant amount of time on dirt roads... are you comfortable riding a 650 size bike on dirt??? If yes, you can't beat a bigger dual sport for pillioning - a Versys or CB500X...

    If you want something smaller - the KLX250 DTracker or CRF250M are popular and can be bought new (and newish 2nd hand in Thailand)... but I don't think (someone will correct me if I am wrong) you can take anything over 200cc into Vietnam...
  7. Just to add to Darryl's comments, I enjoyed the Honda, which is actually the L (knobbly tyres) rather than the M (Motard wheels), and had no trouble keeping pace with the Versys which was 2 up. I spent just 850 baht on having the seat made with thicker foam and a new cover, and have a rack fitted. I managed the 650 km to Khon Kaen for the bike week with no discomfort and the same for the 3 days on the road with Darryl and Jenny. The Honda also accommodates a good size magnetic tank bag, that and a tail bag is sufficient luggage space for one. If you do not want to travel much over 115 to 120kph then its an economic and fun way to travel, BUT, I would say that is only true for one person. Add a pillion and the bike will just not perform the same, not comfortable for pillion or rider.
  8. Any news - what did you get?

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