What Do I Need To Cross Vietnam - Cambodia Border On Motorcycle?

Discussion in 'Vietnam - General Discussion Forum' started by blacklion, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. blacklion

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    I want to rent a motorcycle in HCMC (Saigon) and ride to Cambodia and back. I know, that I need "Blue Card" for motorcycle and it is not a problem (several rental shops, including well-known Flamingo Travel, promised to provide one, for bigger deposit, of course!).
    I'll get multi-entry Vietnamese visa, too. It is clear.
    But I'm puzzled by other documents, especially driving license.
    I have driving license (ID card like) issued by my country (Russia). I have International Driving License (A6-format book), issued by Russia, as well.
    But I have different opinions about do I need Vietnamese DL or not.
    • Some resources say, that I can not get Vietnamese DL with tourist visa (even multi-entry one), and IDL is enough.
    • Some resources say, that it is possible to get Vietnamese DL, but I don't need to.
    • One personal contact in Vietnam says, that I need to get Vietnamese driving license or I'll have problems at border crossing, and it takes whole week to obtain one, and that all abovementioned resources try to sell motorcycle tour to me, and, yes, if I have Vietnamese guide, I could have any DL, but if I'm travelling without Vietnamese support, I need Vietnamese DL to cross a border.
    What is true in 2017? Does somebody have actual personal experience? I don't want to spend a week in HCMC to obtain Vietnamese DL, but I don't want to be turned around at border crossing too!
    Thank you!
    Please note, I'm speaking about border crossing to Cambodia and back, not about riding in Vietnam. It is crucial: I know (and have personal experience) that it is totally possible to ride in Vietnam with IDL without any problems.
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  3. Dodraugen

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    I have no personal experience with the mentioned bordercrossing but I must have crossed at least 50 international borders and at NONE of them have they checked if I have a valid driving license. Who at any border crossing should check driving license - Immigration staff? Customs staff?
  4. blacklion

    blacklion New Member

    I was said (I don't know is it true or not — hence this my question), that Customs staff check papaers for motorcycle («Blue Card» in case of Vietnamese-plated one) and driving license, and it must be IDL (one sources) or any ASEAN (other sources)…

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